Air Hydro Power is Now an Authorized Universal Robots Distributor

Air Hydro Power is now an authorized distributor of Universal Robots' innovative robot arms. UR is known for their SAFE, EASY-TO-USE, and FLEXIBLE robot arms. Air Hydro Power is excited to share this technology with their customers.

Louisville, KY, April 22, 2018 --( Air Hydro Power is excited to announce that we are now an authorized distributor of Universal Robots (UR). UR is a manufacturer of collaborative robots that are safe, adaptable, and easy for use in businesses of every size. Because of the flexible designs with small footprints, UR robots can provide fast return on investments.

UR’s robots include the UR3, the U45, and the UR10. The UR3 is an ultra-flexible table-top robot that is extremely lightweight. The UR5 is a highly flexible robot arm with a reach radius up to 33.5 inches (850 mm). The UR10 is the largest robot in the UR robot family, and can automate tasks with payloads that weigh up to 22 pounds (10 kg). Air Hydro Power is eager to share this innovative technology with customers in their territory.

Since 1961, Air Hydro Power has served the Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia, and more recently the Alabama manufacturing base as a total solutions provider. From the hydraulic, pneumatic, and connector roots, Air Hydro has adapted to new technologies such as electrical motion control, safety, bar coding, and vision inspection systems. Air Hydro Power is a company in motion, with convenient locations to keep your plants and machinery up and running.
Air Hydro Power, Inc.
Sarah McGuire