Depression2Extinction (d2e) Announces Partnership Event: H.E.A.L. Nashville

HEAL Nashville is a transformational event that brings community together through listening, story telling, and living into your best self. HEAL will take place on May 4th at the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville.

Nashville, TN, April 25, 2018 --( Today, d2e, a non-profit on a mission to bring awareness to the stigmas surrounding depression and anxiety disorders, announced their partnerships with Urban Confessional and Stronger Self Project to launch H.E.A.L. Austin. Founded by Benjamin Mathes, Urban Confessional seeks to connect the world through the healing power of listening. Stronger Self Project, founded by Meaghan Self, is here to help individuals live into their best self.

Of the organization’s recent announcement, founder JJ said, “We are so excited to bring H.E.A.L. (Helping Emotions Allow Listening) to Nashville. Partnering with the collective powers of Urban Confessional and Stronger Self Project truly makes this event transformative.” Jackson added, “H.E.A.L. Nashville is our second HEAL Event and we couldn’t be more blessed to connect with Nashville’s amazing community.”

Urban Confessional Founder, Benjamin Mathes noted, “HEAL Nashville is the perfect place for those seeking to connect, to share, and live their best life. Partnering with depression2xtinction and Stronger Self Project will make this event a transformative experience. You will not be the same after this experience.”

Stronger Self Project founder, Meaghan self, exclaimed, “I am so excited and filled with gratitude that I get to join forces with Urban Confessional and depression2extinction for the H.E.A.L. Nashville event!” As this event is taking place in her hometown, Meaghan added, “Bringing the power of HEAL to Nashville is going to be huge, and I have no doubt that some awesome transformations are going to happen.”

These partnerships and event launch speaks to the future of d2e and the mission they are guided by. In 2018, d2e seeks to connect 10 more Corporate Partnerships in order to bring Mindfulness, Movement, and Human Connection to the world.

About d2e: d2e is an Austin-based non-profit with global reach. Founded in early 2017, d2e is grounded in human connection and is striving to help all embrace that “Your Story Matters.” Look for more community, retreats, and recovery coming from d2e in 2018. For more, visit:

About Urban Confessional: As described by Huffington Post, Fast Company, and The Atlantic, Urban Confessional volunteers stand on street corners with signs that read “Free Listening” and open their hearts to anyone who needs to laugh, cry, scream, or chat. Born in 2012 on the streets of Los Angeles, California, Urban Confessional began as a community of actors determined to challenge the status quo. Over the years, the community has grown to include people from all walks of life across 40 states in the U.S. and in over 70 countries worldwide. For more, visit:

About Stronger Self Project: Created by Health and Fitness Coach, Meaghan Self, The STRONGERself Project is an online health, fitness and mindset coaching program. Helping women build their strongest self! For more, visit:
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