New Industry Standard Sets Performance Criteria for Secondary Flame Resistant Protective Clothing

ISEA release standard for over-garments that can be used as part of a protective ensemble in multi-hazard working environments.

Arlington, VA, May 08, 2018 --( The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) has received American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approval for a new voluntary consensus industry standard ANSI/ISEA 203-2018, American National Standard for Secondary Single-Use Flame-Resistant Protective Clothing for Use over Primary Flame-Resistant Protective Clothing.

This standard was prepared by members of ISEA’s Protective Clothing group was approved by a consensus review panel of health and safety experts, oil and gas and other industry user groups, and test labs.

Apparel covered by the standard is intended for single-use wear in occupational environments where flame hazards exist and where the worker may also be exposed to workplace contaminants, such as grease, oil or welding spatter, that can become attached to primary flame-resistant garments worn underneath, potentially affecting the performance of those critically important items. Secondary FR garments are routinely used in hazmat remediation, pharmaceutical and laboratory operations, and petrochemical processing facilities.

“ISEA recognized the myriad of standards addressing primary FR garments worn to protect workers from flame exposures. What had been missing was a standard for overgarments that can be used as part of a protective ensemble in multi-hazard working environments,” stated Brian Lyons, Vice President of International Enviroguard and chairman of ISEA’s Protective Apparel Group.

“ANSI/ISEA 203 benefits employees and employers. Workers can be assured that the secondary item does not impact the thermal performance of the primary clothing being worn to protect against possible flame hazards,” said Lyons. “Primary FR clothing is a much-needed, yet often pricey PPE item. There can be a realized cost savings by providing a barrier garment that can minimize contamination of the primary item and reduce item replacement costs.”

The standard defines testing and performance requirements, with product evaluation conducted for flame resistance and flash fire exposure. Specific labeling and documentation requirements, including the development of supplier’s declaration of conformity, are also covered.

The standard can be purchased from ISEA for $40 a copy. For more information, contact Cristine Z. Fargo, ISEA director of member and technical services,
International Safety Equipment Association
Lydia Baugh