Boomer Education Initiative Continues

Podcast on Medigap Plans

Philadelphia, PA, May 18, 2018 --( Better Insurance Options, furthering their continuing commitment to public education in the Medicare market, proudly announces the release of a new podcast, entitled “Medigap plans.”

“There are so many people to reach,” says CEO Frank Sutter, CEO of Better Insurance Options, “We are making use of as many channels as we know of.” He goes on to list videos, blogs, and podcasts as the major media formats being used currently. “The economy is really taking off, and the Medicare market is growing by 3,000,000 a month, so we have some work to do.”

The podcast is a condensed version of the blog and video of the same name, and all three are available on the home website of Better Insurance Options, included below.

“The podcast is for people on the go, and so many seniors are these days. We were told that the senior market would not respond to podcasts, but we have a very strong feeling that this concept is wrong.” Continued Sutter. “If they are not there yet, and many are, they are certainly arriving. This is what we know.”

Many seniors have been using computers most of their adult lives.

Most are also using Smart Phones.

Most are hungry to understand Medicare, and find a trusted source for their information.

About Better Insurance Options: Based in Philadelphia, PA., Better Insurance Options is a technologically based insurance firm, specializing in the unique insurance needs of Seniors. They do in-home, no obligation consultations through the use of screen sharing technology, so that the presentation occurs right on the computer screen, anywhere in the USA.
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