Ordyx POS is Excited to Announce New and Highly Requested Feature to Its Point of Sale System - Future Ordering

The future ordering feature offers Ordyx customers the ability to easily manage multiple types of orders being placed for future dates and/or times.

Boca Raton, FL, May 16, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Ordyx is proud to introduce future ordering capabilities to its current POS customers. This new functionality enables Ordyx customers the ability to accept orders days or even weeks in advance. Managers can then begin the appropriate preparation and labor necessary for the orders so that they are delivered as efficiently as possible.

This function is very useful in the taking of call-in, takeout, and catering orders either online or in-person. Through the back office of the Ordyx system, managers can access and edit a bird’s eye view of the collected future orders.

Rhonda Reynolds, co-owner of Masa of Echo Park and an 11 year customer of Ordyx said, “Our favorite features provided by Ordyx are the ability to modify items ourselves and the detail of back office reports available; Ordyx is always improving.”

Keeping the customer in mind, Ordyx kept the new functionality user friendly. This future ordering feature has an easy interface for choosing the delivery date and time; adjustable reminders and ticket printing/display options for the kitchen; and a deferred order production report, which helps you with purchasing, prep, and staffing for larger orders.

To learn more about future ordering and other new Ordyx features, visit www.Ordyx.com and schedule a free demo today.

About Ordyx

Ordyx is a state of the art hybrid point of sale system for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and wineries. Ordyx came about based on the idea that technology should be available to all. Whether it is the chain with hundreds of establishments or the mom and pop corner restaurant. In essence, they all need tools to help them understand their business, their services and products, and more importantly their customers.
Coleman Howard