Washington Dairy Wins National Sustainability Award

Walla Walla, WA, May 21, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Organix, Inc. of Walla Walla, Washington announced today that Royal Dairy of Royal City, Washington has won the National “Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award.”

The dairy earned the award due to the installation and implementation of a BioFiltro BIDA® water treatment system. Dairy owner, Austin Allred, says this is the type of technology that dairies need to be integrating. “If dairies want to have a leadership role in defining the future of agriculture and environmental innovations, systems like the BioFiltro unit will help get us there. Converting a manure lagoon to an irrigation pond is the goal.” After starting with a 5,000 gallon per day “Phase I” system several years ago, Allred installed an almost 200,000 GPD system in 2017.

Unlike conventional water treatment systems, the BioFiltro process uses composting worms to clean the water. The patented concept was developed at a Chilean University, now has 145 installations around the world including the coldest and hottest places on earth - Antarctica and the Atacama Desert. According to Matt Tolbirt, BioFiltro USA, CEO, “The Royal Dairy installation isn’t our first dairy install, but it is the world’s largest dairy project of its kind – with the ability to process 200,000 gallons per day. Dairy water treatment isn’t easy; there is a significant accumulation of suspended solids that have a tendency to clog conventional filtration systems. The worm-based, aerobic filtration BIDA® is robust and is made for these types of challenging scenarios; and it also addresses a primary issue with dairy manure – dissolved nitrogen.”

Organix, Inc., a consulting and composting firm based in Walla Walla, Washington, is BioFiltro’s partner in reaching the U.S Dairy market. “This is the only system that produces exclusively beneficial byproducts as a result of the filtration process,” explains Russ Davis, Organix President. “We have been working with dairies for over 15 years trying to come up with a practical water treatment system. Simply put, there is nothing like this. The by-product of this process is worm castings. Castings are the gold standard in soil amendments.” Davis says that as an added benefit, methane and other greenhouse gases are mitigated since the system is aerobic. "Also, with the growth in organic agriculture, we are extremely excited about adding a large supply of castings to our soil amendment offerings."

Senator Jim Honeyford of Washington’s 15th District, R-Sunnyside, says, “The dairy business is critical to Washington State agriculture and it is good for us to address an important issue like water proactively. We welcome innovative solutions that can help us protect the environment and agriculture like BioFiltro’s system.”


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