New Book by K.C. Ipolipto Guides Parents in Raising Well-rounded Children

Dog Ear Publishing has released a new book that provides a series of discussions parents can have with their children. These conversations are designed to help parents and teachers build strong foundation in raising children to be kind, confident, clear-minded and moral.

Indianapolis, IN, May 22, 2018 --( First-time author K.C. Ipolipto has a vision: a world filled with joy, laughter, confidence, good health, wealth, solid education, respect and faith. She provides a series of discussions parents and teachers can have with their children in hopes of achieving these goals, presented in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

“Parental Mindful Discussions” is a well-written book for all individuals with a focus on being more mindful. Mindfulness helps increase wisdom, charisma, focus and wealth. This book can be used with children as early as 3 or 4 years old, before society has a chance to mold them. As the writer points out, people are all born with spirit, soul and mind. If they are mindful of these three in one characteristics, they can all create a healthy fulfilling world for themselves and those around them. Parents can use these discussions as a guide to help their children’s development, mold their soul and awaken their spirit by providing them with a solid foundation.

Ipolipto suggests incorporating the book into a routine: Gather as often as possible, create a comfortable atmosphere, select a discussion leader and make it fun with a few jokes or music in the background. Discussion topics include everything from personal hygiene and drugs to ethics, self-esteem, expectations, sex, listening, budgeting, night safety, giving and prayer. Each topic includes a mission statement, specific examples and a “take away” point to keep discussion focused.

She makes her mission clear. “Our world will change through the eyes and behavior of our children if we instill in them the basic teaching so they can get more out of life, experience true love, happiness and safety,” she writes in the introduction.

This is the first book for Ipolipto, who has three children. Although she has no formal training in psychology, she uses her observations and divine inspiration to guide her in this mission. She resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with her family.

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Parental Mindful Discussions
K.C. Ipolipto
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5745-3 222 pages $15.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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