Animals Provide Lessons in Emotion, Ethics in New Book by Jesse James Thomas

Humans are not as different from animals as they would like to believe, notes a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. The work explores the dawn of art, ethics, science, politics and religion as they have developed in both the human and animal kingdoms.

Murrieta, CA, May 24, 2018 --( Although humans have more neurons in their neurological systems than animals, that very fact can sometimes interfere with natural processes and lead to unfortunate results. Animals, on the other hand, can provide a lesson in how to act emotionally and even ethically. These conclusions are presented in a revolutionary new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

In “Embodiment: How Animals and Humans Make Sense of Things,” psychotherapist and professor Jesse James Thomas presents his ideas about emotions and their development in animals and humans. He explores fast (emotional) and slow (rational) thinking and how those have evolved in humans over the millennia.

Thomas deftly weaves personal anecdotes with scientific theory in the three-section book, which starts with natural reactions and moves to instincts (from empathy to compassion) and the dawning of embodies social values such as art, ethics and politics. Animals from pigs to bats, bears and bees appear in the book, which has touches of humor and is aimed at a general audience rather than simply at academics.

The book is drawing praise. “In this brilliant and entertaining book Jessie Thomas unfolds how human cognition originates in embodied emotions starting already at the animal level. The readers are not confronted by incomprehensible psychological theory, but learn from practical examples and will find them useful for their own emotional development,” writes Arnold O. Benz, author of “Astrophysics and Creation – Perceiving the University through Science and Participation.”

Thomas is a university psychology teacher, most recently at San Diego State University, focusing on the relationship between animal and human consciousness. He also is a Gesalt therapist with practices in La Jolla, Calif., and the Scrippps Hospital complex in La Jolla. He has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and a post-doctoral diplomate from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Thomas has presented papers at the American Association for the Advancement of Science-Pacific Division and has written numerous articles in academic journals as well as two other books: “The Youniverse: The Spirit of the 21st Century” and “Marriage and Its Values.” The native Midwesterner has lived in California for several decades. He and his late wife have four daughters.

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Embodiment: How Animals and Humans Make Sense of Things
Jesse James Thomas
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6022-4 202 pages $12.95 US Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6244-0 202 pages $7.99 US eBook

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