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Miami, FL, May 20, 2018 --( Jessica S., a Georgia-based inventor, has contracted Miami, Florida invention assistance leader to represent her Global Paddle invention to industry over the next two years. An innovative and highly useful new product designed to provide users with a way to track their progress during physical activity, the Global Paddle is a multi-faceted smart device application which allows its users to track an array of water-based, non-motorized activities, such as stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing and outrigger canoeing.

The Global Paddle’s proprietary features enables its users to more easily monitor their progress towards fitness goals. The product is easy to install and utilize on a wide variety of smart devices. Additionally, the Global Paddle allows its users to steer clear of potentially dangerous canoeing/paddleboarding routes. Moreover, it will be nominally priced and appeal to a broad market that includes millions of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Jessica S. now seeks a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for her under a royalty agreement. Potential licensees in the electronic wellness smart applications industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Global Paddle on a worldwide basis.

Jessica S.'s journey towards the attempted commercialization of her invention began when she opted to contact Miami, Florida-based recently to explore the possibility of having the invention assistance company further research and document her concept, as well as facilitate the presentation of information and materials about it to potentially relevant manufacturers in industry, with the ultimate goal being to secure a licensing agreement. assists inventors who are seeking to bring their inventions to the consumer market via established third-party manufacturers and marketers by providing them expertise designed to guide them from the earliest stages of invention development to the point where there are professionally produced promotional materials regarding the concept. New Product's New Product Publicity and Marketing Program is designed and targeted to provide maximum exposure through promotional materials such as press releases, product brochures, digital renditions, a password-protected website, and other visual mediums such as a New Product DVD and potentially, an interactive virtual reality presentation. will represent the Global Paddle invention for 2 years utilizing the aforementioned vehicles of will also manage any advanced levels of interest displayed by manufacturers, marketers or distributors in the Global Paddle.

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