#AllergicToEverything, a Book for Food Allergy Collectors, Over 20% Funded, Backed by 88+ on Kickstarter

#AllergicToEverything is a cookbook and lifestyle guide for people living with multiple food allergies and the people who love them.

Oakland, CA, May 31, 2018 --(PR.com)-- #AllergicToEverything® is excited to share that in the first seven days after going live, the project is over 20% funded and backed by 88+ people. It launched on Kickstarter during Food Allergy Awareness Week.

A testimonial about #AllergicToEverything® and it’s author, Jessica Gray Schipp, was shared this week on Facebook by the woman responsible for saving Jessica’s life. It is linked at the bottom of this press release. The project has been featured as “Newsworthy” and “Projects We Love” by Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign, when funded, will allow food allergy collectors and the people who love them to navigate their food allergy journeys with a one-stop resource, cookbook, and lifestyle guide. This book is more than a dietary resource for allergy sufferers, #AllergicToEverything® is also diet-friendly for those with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal (GI) disease, digestive and inflammatory issues.

To learn more about Kickstarter and supporting #AllergicToEverything’s $33,111 campaign, please visit http://bit.ly/hashtagallergicpr. To watch a testimonial from the woman who saved Jessica’s life, please visit http://bit.ly/hashtagallergictestimonial. You can also follow the project using the hashtag, #AllergicToEverything, and by following the journey on Instagram and Twitter @HashtagAllergic.

About Jessica Gray Schipp
Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Jessica Gray Schipp, grew up with seasonal allergies that affected her well-being. She later learned she had multiple food allergies responsible for much of her suffering. After decades of struggling with day-to-day activities, mitigating the unbearable side effects from the medications she was prescribed, and struggling with the nagging fear of never knowing how her body would treat her on any given day – Jessica said, “enough” and created #AllergicToEverything®. After several years of testing and incorporating whole-food based ingredients into her life, a cookbook was born. Jess is also a teacher, writer, artist, and entrepreneur living in Oakland, CA. To learn more, visit her website, https://allergictoeverything.life/.

About #AllergicToEverything®
#AllergicToEverything is a cookbook and lifestyle guide for people with food allergies and the people who love them. #AllergicToEverything was created for people with food allergies, but the book’s benefits extend to everyone! The recipes are whole-foods based and delicious (check out taste-testers Sabrina and Rachel, eating the goat cheese dates in the launch video).
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