Meghan Markle to be Honored as World's Foremost Cougar at Society of Single Professionals Party Where Cougars Can Meet Their Own Younger Princes

This year's Cougar Party honors the newly married Duchess of Sussex, June 23, 2018, in San Anselmo, CA.

San Anselmo, CA, May 29, 2018 --( Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, will be honored as “The World’s Foremost Cougar,” says Rich Gosse, at a party on Saturday, June 23, 2018, 7-9pm, at EV Lounge, 500 San Anselmo Avenue, San Rafael, CA. "The Duchess is three years older than her new husband, Prince Harry."

“Cougars who could not afford to fly to Windsor Castle can still celebrate the royal wedding by meeting their own younger princes at this fun party,” says Rich Gosse, organizer of the Cougar Party. “The Duchess of Sussex hopefully will inspire women worldwide to marry younger rather than older men, contrary to tradition. Most cougars insist that younger men are better mates in almost every category imaginable, including being more fun, having more energy, being better looking, and more likely to treat a woman as an equal, than their older counterparts. And best of all, they probably won’t die on you!” (Men in America die, on average, five years earlier than women.)

“Age discrimination is perhaps the most pervasive prejudice,” says Mr. Gosse, author of The Cougar Imperative: Why Midlife Women MUST Choose Younger Men. “Older women, in particular, are victimized by our youth-oriented society. They are regarded as ‘non-sexy.’ Supposedly, every American male is only attracted to nubile 20 year olds found in the centerfolds of men’s magazines. The truth is that there are millions of American men who find older women attractive, and we will prove it at tonight’s party!”

"Rich Gosse is America’s foremost authority on finding a romantic partner," says Tom Andrews. "He is the author of nine books on this topic, including You CAN Hurry Love, Singles Guide to America, and A Good Man Is EASY to Find ('This is a great book!' Oprah Winfrey). His entertaining advice has been featured by ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News Live, MSNBC, Oprah, Donahue, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Playboy, Playgirl, The Wall Street Journal, London Times, The Australian, The New Zealand Herald, etc." Mr. Gosse is available to the news media for interviews by calling 415-479-3800.

The cost to attend The Cougar Party is $10 at the door, which includes a fun Cougar Mixer Game, plus complimentary light appetizers. Adults of all ages are welcome. Dress to impress. The party is co-sponsored by The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit singles organization; Cougar Events; Cougar Meetup; and many other singles meetups.

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