Special Needs Adoption and Family Preservation Unite to Reverse the Global Orphan Crisis

Co-founder of Refresh Conference to lead Chosen & Dearly Loved programs and partnerships.

Seattle, WA, May 30, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The co-founder of the nation's largest conference for foster and adoptive parents, Michele Schneidler, has joined Chosen & Dearly Loved. As Director of Programs and Partnerships, she is forming a coalition to reverse the global orphan crisis by strengthening and preserving families.

"The orphan crisis is complex, but our goal is simple," said Mike Gallagher, Co-Founder and President of Chosen & Dearly Loved, "permanent, loving families for every orphaned child. Empowering families to stay preserved and adoptive families to thrive is the best path to this goal, and Michele Schneidler is a trailblazing champion for this cause."

Since adopting three children with her husband, Michele has served over 12 years in orphan care leadership in the Seattle area. As Orphan Care Pastor at Overlake Christian Church, Michele co-founded the Refresh Conference. This conference started in year one with 175 foster and adoptive families and has now expanded beyond Seattle to Kansas City and Chicago with over 2,500 families represented in 2018.

Chosen & Dearly Loved is eager to continue supporting Refresh WA, while establishing similar community-based support across the country.

During Michele's time at Overlake, she also advanced the life-changing work of Agape Children's Ministry in Kisumu, Kenya as they transitioned from orphanage to family preservation center. Witnessing this transformation first hand, Michelle realized there was an opportunity to "stop keeping orphans in orphanages" and start reintegrating children into families.

In her new role with Chosen & Dearly Loved, Michele is on a mission to accelerate the "family preservation" paradigm shift through partnerships across Kenya and globally.

Whether she is resourcing families on their post-adoption journey to wholeness or influencing a paradigm shift in orphanages, she will be a champion for families overcoming trauma and special needs as the newest member of Chosen & Dearly Loved.

The Chosen & Dearly Loved Foundation champions adoption and advances global efforts to overcome the largest challenges in the orphan care landscape. They have supported adoptions in 40 U.S. states with matching grants to mobilize over $1,000,000 from local communities. Their growing coalition of orphan care leaders aims to empower foster and adoptive families domestically, while globally transforming countless orphanages into family preservation centers.

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