AirGMS Makes the First Version of the AirGMS API Available

AirGMS announces that the first version of the AirGMS API is now available to any business that would like to enjoy all the benefits that their services have in store.

Vancouver, Canada, May 31, 2018 --( AirGMS, an all-in-one vacation rental software company, has recently been even more busy than usual. During the last couple of months, the AirGMS team has worked carefully with their partners testing and tweaking the AirGMS API. The hard work has paid off and AirGMS can announce that the first version of the AirGMS API is now available to any business that would like to enjoy all the benefits that their services have in store.

While Airbnb hosts will profit from their brand new services, other stakeholders from the vacation rental industry will also be able to benefit because with the AirGMS API they can make their own technology more efficient.

AirGMS takes great pride in the native integration that they have with Airbnb and by working with AirGMS any company that uses the new AirGMS API will receive Airbnb data via the vacation rental software. This is something that developers will be glad to know.

Developers could, for instance, take advantage of this partnership by automating info in smart locks, creating apps that boast custom workflows, accessing multiple Airbnb listings or sending native Airbnb messages.

It is not the first time that AirGMS has successfully worked together with other partners from the vacation rental industry. Earlier this year the team at EveryDoor launched a custom integration that utilized the AirGMS API.

Thanks to this custom integration of EveryDoor, Airbnb hosts can now effortlessly plan guest entry via an AirGMS account and change the entry codes whenever it is required.

AirGMS believes that these types of integrations are the key to making the most of Airbnb business automation. Not only will it help countless hosts from around the globe, but it will also offer benefits to their guests. Therefore AirGMS is looking for more great businesses that would like to work with them and utilize the AirGMS API.

The AirGMS team welcomes any business that wants to make vacation rental industry move towards automation and more services for hosts and guests. Developers and other partners from the vacation rental industry who would like to get access to the AirGMS API can start with reading the API introduction and become a registered developer program participant. Upon approval, access to the API documentation will be shared and the technical team of AirGMS will be there to share tips and pointers at every step.

AirGMS is constantly looking at ways to grow. Their team works hard to be able to offer more services to hosts by launching more products and establishing more integrations. Now thanks to their Airbnb partnership and new AirGMS API, hosts will be able to concentrate on what really matters - increasing their revenue.
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