Angelina Hart Interviewed by SDVoyager Magazine

Angelina Hart's revealing and entertaining interview with SDVoyager.

Carlsbad, CA, June 06, 2018 --( California designer, Angelina Hart, was recently interviewed by SDVoyager magazine. The online publication highlights local entrepreneurs and innovators. Angelina Hart reveals her long journey of design and the moral values behind her luxury brand.

Angelina Hart is a designer of women’s luxury accessories that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Her passion and commitment to produce beautiful luxury products in a sustainable way distinguishes her from other mass produced designers.

“As a local designer, I am very flattered to be interviewed by SDVoyager. It is important to me to inform people about the alternatives in luxury product production. I want to change the standards of the luxury market and have them become more ethical. It is what I call smart luxury. I think it’s important for everyone to realize the alternatives when shopping for luxury goods. We live in a time when it is no longer necessary to kill in order to produce luxury. Things can be replicated and manufactured. We can grow perfect diamonds that have flawless color and clarity. This is the new way of manufacturing luxury-goods. I have created all of my products in an eco-friendly manner. We can all live luxuriously while preserving and healing the Earth,” stated Angelina.

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Angelina Hart is reinventing what timeless, classic style looks like for the modern woman. She set out to create what she calls "The New Timeless," classic for the new century. She eschews products that will become dated or are trendy. Angelina's goal is to put the best creations she can into the world that are of our time, for all time. For more information visit

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