Dr. Roger James Morris Has Been Inducted Into the Hall of Fame by the International Association of Who’s Who

Dr. Roger James Morris of London, UK is recognized by the International Who’s Who for his contributions in the field of Medicine.

London, United Kingdom, June 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Roger Morris has over two decades of experience in Molecular Neurobiology and has since been named by International Association of Top Professionals as “Top Professor of The Year” 2016/2017. Roger has excelled professionally in his current role as a FRSA, FRSB Professor of Molecular Neurobiology for King’s College London. Dr. Roger Morris is well known for his involvement in the successful relaunch of the Chemistry Department in 2012 at King’s College London and growing student interest in the subject. This was an incredible step for Chemistry in the UK as the King’s College London Chemistry department was one of the world’s oldest, founded in 1829, thus was a very sad loss and leaving a large gap in the University’s offering when it originally closed.

Dr. Roger Morris has an impressive list of academic achievements, in 1975 graduating with a PhD from the prestigious University of Oxford as well as attending the University of Connecticut Health Centre to complete a postdoctoral Jane Coffin Childs Fellowship. Roger’s commitment to his profession has led to his inclusion in the International Association of Top Professionals, only the top global industry leading professionals are selected for such inclusion, proving Dr. Roger Morris’s influence in the medical community. Roger has been cited over 5,000 times in medical papers thus he has achieved an impressive H index of 40. He has also been awarded the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Prize in 1970 and named by Who’s Who as “Outstanding Professional of the Year” in 2015.

Roger has a vast array of responsibilities at his current role as Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at King’s College London, providing insightful lectures on Molecular Biology to students effectively combining research and teaching, and also writing grant applications. Additionally, Roger brings “chemical biology” and “biology” into his research and lectures. Prior to Roger’s position at King’s College London, he began his career with a scientific staff position at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London, in the Neurobiology Laboratory from 1978 to 1995. His career progressed significantly with Roger’s career move in 1995 to Guy’s Hospital Medical School which in 1998 merged with King’s College London. In 2001 Roger started his role as a Professor of Molecular Neurobiology and was also promoted to Head of Department of Biochemistry at the University. His success and dedication to these roles lead to his role changing to Head of School of Biomedical Sciences in 2007 when the institutions merged.

He is a pioneer for his industry, being one of the first to speak publicly to the media regarding what really goes on behind the scenes with biomedical research at the University, allowing journalists unprecedented and unrestricted access to the experimental animal houses. This set a precedent for other universities to be more open and follow suit. In 2014, the UK had 97 universities and organizations signed up to the Concordat on Openness in Animal Research. As a consequence of Roger’s actions King’s College has the impressive accolade of “Media Engagement in Openness in Animal Research,” awarded to the University in 2018. Under Roger’s eye the University research income has doubled following securing funding from the BBSRC UK Research Council. Furthermore, Roger upgraded the University’s resources to the highest quality electron and fluorescent levels with a partnership with industry leaders Nikon and JEOL.

Dr. Morris believes his career success can only be down to his work ethic, resilience and perseverance against any set back. Roger wants to continue his position in education, spearheading the interest in Chemistry and Neurobiology in the younger generation. Outside of his role, Roger enjoys relaxing with loved ones and has always been very close to his family.
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