Giftapart, an Innovative E-Commerce Marketplace, is Entering Into Partnership with Retailers

Somerville, NJ, June 22, 2018 --( Giftapart Inc., a revolutionary new e-commerce marketplace set to launch in the summer, announced that it has started entering into retailer partnerships.

“Giftapart will truly provide the world’s first e-commerce marketplace with an even playing field for established retailers,” said Filipe Pedroso, Esq., the company’s founder and chief executive officer.

According to the retailer contract, retailers don’t pay anything to join the platform, incur no recurrent fees, and have no out-of-pocket costs with Giftapart. “Retailers have nothing to lose,” stated Pedroso. “They only pay a small percent of each transaction. Right now, we have an introductory early signup promotion for the commission rate, and it’s extremely generous to the retailers. But, like all promos, it won’t last forever.”

“Unlike other platforms, at Giftapart individual sellers are not allowed to sell or create an online store. In fact, there’s no way for someone to just go on our website and create a store. We only work with established retailers. This benefits both consumers and retailers,” said Pedroso. “Consumers are assured that they are only buying from credible, ethical, trustworthy stores, and retailers benefit because they don’t have to unfairly compete with the tons of counterfeit products available on internet marketplaces.”

Brittani Chirichella, Vice President of Business Development, added, “Giftapart provides so many advantages and benefits to retailers to signup and sell their products on Giftapart. The patent-pending tools we offer retailers to better connect and engage their loyal customers are second-to-none. There is simply no better place, hands down, for retailers to build on their Millennials and Gen-Z’ers customer base than by being on Giftapart. And no other web marketplace has gone to the extreme that Giftapart has to make sure that retailers’ brand identities and interests are protected.”

“I would not have left Ralph Lauren to come work for Giftapart if I didn’t believe and know that Giftapart has a tremendous amount of respect for their retailer partnerships and needs,” said Chirichella.

“Retailers that have demoed our platform have fallen in love with its functionality and the large amount of tools at their disposal to improve the reach of their brand and increase their sales,” stated Pedroso. “We are just thrilled to offer them this opportunity.”

Chirichella said, “Retailers wishing to learn more and be placed into consideration for membership into the platform can contact our business development team at"

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Giftapart Inc. is developing an innovative and revolutionary new way for e-commerce. The company was established and is headquarters in Somerville, New Jersey. The company’s software systems and methods have resulted in the filing of numerous provisional patents. Giftapart is led by award-winning attorney and 3-time elected Councilman Filipe Pedroso, Esq., Founder, CEO and Board Member, as well as its other Board members: Liana Pedroso (a public relations and corporate communications expert with international experience and Master’s Degrees in the field from both Bashkir and New York University); Jeffrey Vanderbeek (prior owner and Chairman of the NJ Devils NHL franchise and The Prudential Center; and former Managing Partner responsible for Capital Markets at Lehman Bros.); Jeffrey Foose (Managing Partner of AERIS Capital, with extensive experience in tech startups, commodity investments, management, software development and accounting); and Henrique Pedroso (a serial entrepreneur and law school graduate, grew and led his businesses with hundreds of employees from the ground-up into successful ventures).

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