Wisconsin Based Popcorn Company Vows to Help Military Veterans in Need

50% of veterans with PTSD do not seek treatment. Of those that do seek treatment, only half receive "minimally adequate" treatment (RAND study).

Milwaukee, WI, July 03, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Colonel Kernel Popcorn, a popcorn brand based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, is giving a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to help provide relief to distressed military veterans. As Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) instances continue to climb, the Colonel Kernel brand wishes to work with organizations that offer novel, judgment-free solutions to retiring veterans, active duty service members, and first responders with PTS.

“Everyone loves popcorn. We simply want to parlay the world’s most popular snack into an opportunity for giving back to the warriors who so selflessly put their lives on the line,” explains Rod Taylor, co-founder of Colonel Kernel Popcorn. “It’s really that simple. We wrestled with a few go-to-market strategies but partnering with organizations that genuinely care about distressed veterans was an absolute no-brainer.”

The original plan was to focus on commercial targets such as restaurants, bars, VFW posts, American Legion Halls or anywhere a commercial popper could be found.

“We quickly found out through our limited social media and Amazon campaigns that individuals, too, wanted access to excellent popcorn as well as contribute to our mission,” says co-founder Alan Thiede. “Pennies, nickels and dimes add up and if that’s what we need to do to make a difference, so be it.”

About Colonel Kernel Popcorn

Colonel Kernel packages and sells a tri-pack of popcorn kernels, sea salt, and 100% coconut oil to food distributors, commercial locations such as restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, and online to individual buyers.



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