Teresa J. Hagy Has Been Recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who

Teresa J. Hagy, of Bristol, Tennessee, has been named the Strathmore’s Who’s Who 2018 Professional of the Year in Elementary Education and a Top 10 Member in Education.

Teresa J. Hagy Has Been Recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who
Bristol, TN, July 12, 2018 --(PR.com)-- About Teresa J. Hagy

Teresa J. Hagy is a first-grade teacher at Washington Lee Elementary School in Bristol, TN. She received her B.A. in Elementary Education from Virginia Intermont College in 1972, and her M.E. in Education from the University of Virginia in 1976. As a tireless champion of elementary education, it can never be said that Teresa Hagy does not care enough about the well-being and mental, physical and emotional growth of the children to whom she has so selflessly devoted her life. She is a compassionate, giving individual gifted with the God-given virtues of patience and intelligence. Ms. Hagy is a traditional woman, in that she values the mores and ways of a bygone era. This, she feels, is precisely what her students and the world at large sorely need in this day and age. However, she is not stuck in the past in any way, as she has continued to develop with the constantly moving world of education – be it technological growth or otherwise. Ms. Hagy entered the public-school system in 1975, following three years of teaching at a demonstration school for the Virginia Intermont College, where she also served as a Clinical Instructor of Education. This, she feels, gave her the confident and successful career start which she enjoyed. She has taught grades one through six (sans 2nd grade) and has amassed a tremendous foundation of knowledge based on this experience. During her tenure at Washington Lee Elementary, Ms. Hagy has helped develop curriculum tests for the school system; she has conducted workshops on teaching techniques; and she has lectured on educational topics, amongst countless other career highlights – far too many to contain in any biographical sketch of overview. She belongs to the following affiliations: National Education Association; Virginia Education Association; Bristol Virginia Education Association; Delta Kappa Gamma; International Reading Association; Virginia Reading Association; Southwest Virginia Reading Council; Member, Church Librarian, Chair of Women's Circle, Member of Church Choir, Song Leader, Chair of Christian's Women's Fellowship and 1st-3rd grades Sunday School Teacher at the Central Christian Church (as well as a pre-school choir).

Throughout her storied career, Teresa Hagy has claimed a seemingly never-ending series of outside awards, honors, commendations and special distinctions and memberships from Strathmore's Who's Who, America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals and Cambridge Who's Who.

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