LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Service Reports Significant Uptick in Incidence of Head Lice in San Diego Area

LiceDoctors, the nation's largest in-home lice treatment service, reports that there is an outbreak of head lice in San Diego and several surrounding areas. This often happens in the summer months, but this year the company is seeing an especially large number of cases.

Encinitas, CA, July 11, 2018 --( Summer is in progressing and children are enjoying camp and play dates. While kids and parents generally enjoy this time of the year, the bad news is that as a result of kids being in close contact, there is jump in the incidence of head lice. July marks the beginning of what lice experts refer to as "lice season" which continues into the fall.

Short of keeping your child in a bubble, it is practically impossible to prevent children from being exposed to children who have head lice. What can parents do? We want our children to socialize with other children, in fact, we know how healthy that is. On the other hand, many parents dread finding out that their children have contracted head lice. If and when they do come home with lice, parents are often unequipped to eradicate the lice. After all, the bugs scoot around the head, making them difficult to see, and the lice eggs (nits) blend into the hair making them hard to identify. It takes a trained eye and an effective protocol to eliminate lice.

Ashleigh R., a mom in Encinitas reports, "I sent my daughter to day camp and within 2 weeks, she had contracted lice. She was on the gymnastics team and the whole team now has it. I tried to get rid of it myself, but it was impossible."

LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Lice Removal Service, an in-home professional lice treatment service, is a company that is seeing a surge in the incidence of head lice. The company has been treating families for over 20 years and says that this year is a very busy one. According to owner, Karen Sokoloff, "We never know why some summers are busier than others. This summer there are just more cases than usual. All it takes is a couple of kids at a camp or pool with head lice and before you know, lots of kids have it. Lice are spread with head to head contact, and summer months are prime time. We have treated 400,000 clients so we have a large base of comparison. This summer is a big one for head lice cases."

LiceDoctors has a staff of experienced technicians who are dispatched to homes of affected families. The technician spends a couple of hours going through a step-by-step, all natural process which eliminates the lice and nits. The company is the only one in California with a medical doctor on staff, Dr. Stephen Beck.

According to Sokoloff, "We are incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Beck as our medical director. In addition, parents are grateful that we do in-home professional lice treatment. They do not want to have to drive to a salon; they want convenience and privacy and that is what in-home lice treatment provides."

Sokoloff goes on to say, "Head lice have been around for millions of years. They are not going away. The best thing you can do to help protect your child is to use a gel or spray protective coating over the hair as that makes it harder for the lice to adhere to the hair. If your child goes on a playdate or after the camp day, bring him or her outside to the bright light and check for head lice and nits. The nits are translucent and are stuck to the hair. Then go ahead and enjoy the summer!"

The company provides service from early morning until late at night, 365 days a year. LiceDoctors can be reached in the San Diego area at 858-939-9202 or online at
Wendy Beck