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FitnessGear101 Launches The Stupid Fitness Idea of the Week

Fitness Gear 101 has added The Stupid Fitness Idea of the Week. Anna Fleet discussed everything from diet pills to infomercial fitness equipment to strange ideas about health and fitness.

Guelph, ON, Canada, March 07, 2006 --( Fitness Fraud Busters! Fitness Gear 101 has created the Stupid Fitness Idea of the Week to disprove fitness and nutrition claims that sound too good to be true.

Anna Fleet, Certified Personal Trainer and Editor of website , got the idea because she was angry seeing hard working people wasting their money and time on cheap, phony exercise equipment and ‘magic fixes’. “From now on I want my readers to think of FitnessGear101 as their very own fitness fraud squad,” says Fleet.

Every week this new section will feature a unique Stupid Fitness Idea that Fleet has seen online, in a weight loss magazine, a reader’s question or in an infomercial. Late night infomercials are a big topic of conversation in the Stupid Fitness Idea of the Week, but it can be anything from a bad fitness invention to an idiotic supplement. “I promise to tell you the honest truth about these products,” says Fleet, “what they actually do for your body, how much they cost and I’ll also report on any dangers associated with using them.”

Fleet blames fraudulent fitness marketing that gets people’s hopes up by making claims that are never delivered. “As I see it,” says Fleet, “exercise and healthy eating are already hard enough to commit to without having some phony product totally discourage you from fitness forever.”


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