AquaBlok Stops Leak in Pond Rehabilitation Project

The bentonite-based material forms a low-permeable seal without mechanical compaction or the need to drain the residential pond.

Findlay, OH, July 20, 2018 --( AquaBlok, Ltd., a manufacturing company in Northwest Ohio, is pleased to announce the successful application of their bentonite-based sealing material, AquaBlok, in a pond reconstruction project in Findlay, OH.

AquaBlok, a composite particle consisting of crushed aggregate, polymer, and bentonite, swells when hydrated and forms a flexible, but cohesive, low-permeable seal. Hydraulic conductivity of 5x10-7 or higher can be achieved without mechanical compaction. AquaBlok was chosen for this project, and several municipalities, including the United States EPA (USEPA), have approved the material, due to its ability to:

- Provide a low-permeable seal without mechanical compaction
- Provide reliable, targeted placement directly through the water
- Remain pliable after hydration

During a previous excavation project, the original clay liner of the 11,400 sq. ft. residential pond, located south of Toledo, was compromised. As a result, the 10 ft. deep pond would no longer hold water at depths higher than 6-7 ft.

To address this issue, 40 tons of AquaBlok was applied directly through the water using a stone slinger truck. The objective was to reduce permeability of the existing pond floor and side slopes and to achieve a net balance to hold the pond at full capacity.

Placement of the material was completed in one hour. The entire project, including product delivery, site preparation, product placement, and cleanup, was finished in one morning.

Since completion of the project, the basin has remained at its intended water level, and the AquaBlok liner has been functioning as designed.

AquaBlok, Ltd.
AquaBlok, Ltd. uses a patented coating technology to manufacture composite materials. AquaBlok is used in a range of geotechnical sealing applications, including pond and basin construction and rehabilitation, anti-seep collars and trench dams, cut-off walls, levee and dam construction and repair, and more. For more information, please visit or call 419-825-1325.
AquaBlok, Ltd.
Katie Stubleski