JaJuMa Shariff Social Share Extension for Magento 2: First GDPR Compliant Social Sharing Solution for Magento 2

Online-Marketing & Increased Visibility in Social Networks as well as More Customer Interaction. GDPR Compliant, Simple & Flexible with JaJuMa Shariff Social Share Extension for Magento 2. Social Sharing at Its Best for Any Magento 2 Store.

Stuttgart, Germany, July 26, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Shariff Social Share Extension for Magento 2 adds GDPR compliant Social Sharing Buttons to your Magento 2 site. Sharing buttons can be added for up to 22 different social networks and sharing service buttons and are easily customizable regarding style, position, and locale.

JaJuMa GmbH is a Magento and E-Commerce Agency focusing on solutions around Magento, from Multi-Vendor Marketplaces, Online Stores, Extensions to PIM Systems and more. JaJuMa Shariff Social Share Extension has been added to this portfolio to cover Cclients need to allow social sharing, but still complying with GDPR.

GDPR Compliant
The extension is the first fully GDPR compliant social sharing solution for Magento 2. Official sharing buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co., as well as other implementations for sharing buttons are designed for tracking users. With each view, data of the site visitor gets send to the social networks. The transmitted data also enables visitors and their behavior to be tracked across different websites. Utilizing the popular Shariff script and it’s so called “2-Click-Solution” tracking of customers by social networks is prevented effectively.

Expandable & Customizable
Moreover share buttons can be customized regarding style, color-scheme, language used for share texts as well as be placed at different positions on each page. The site owner can also choose from 22 sharing services and configure what options he wants to offer to his customers. Of course, JaJuMa Shariff Social Share sharing buttons are working with responsive design for a mobile devices.

Furthermore the extension comes with 100% unencrypted source code, making it easy to further customize by adding new styles, features or new sharing services.

Continuous development & Improvements
What’s more JaJuMa team of developers is constantly working on the improvement and updating of Shariff Social Share Extension to make it even better for your Magento store.

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JaJuMa GmbH
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