UALA Announces Completion of “Lacrosse Wall Ball”

Lacrosse Wall to Serve as Training Facility to Assist in UA's Tradition of Excellence in the Sport of Lacrosse.

Columbus, OH, August 10, 2018 --( After several years of discussion, planning, budgeting and proposals, “The Lax Wall” has been built. Located 1850 Hastings Lane, The structure was constructed to provide a lacrosse-specific practice facility in Upper Arlington. The Lax Wall not only provides the Upper Arlington youth a facility where they can get better, it demonstrates to the kids, the community's dedication to the game and game’s importance to the community.

“The Wall is a structure that was built to allow lacrosse players in the Upper Arlington community to improve their stick skills and fundamentals. Lacrosse Wall Ball, as it's called, is what will take a player's game to the next level. Lacrosse players have to be able to confidently and flawlessly handle the ball if they plan on taking their game to the next level. Wall ball improves every aspect of a player's stick skills, including their ability to pass, shoot, and cradle the ball with either hand. The goal of the lacrosse Wall Ball session is to strengthen the wrist, to gain hand speed and to develop a quick release,” said UALA President, Dan Junk.

Sitting at 40’ wide and 12’ tall on a field of artificial turf, the location of The Lax Wall was carefully thought out. A UALA committee headed by former Upper Arlington graduate and player, Mike Janowicz was formed. Janowicz worked with the school system to design and identify an area of land for construction of the project with final approval coming from the Upper Arlington School Board.

“Upper Arlington is one of the greatest lacrosse communities in the country. The community has a rich and long history of reputational excellence when it comes to lacrosse. Our women's team has won the state championship four years in a row and five years out of the past six years for a total of nine state championships. The men's team has won 17 state championships in the past 26 years and both our men's and women's coaches - from middle school through high school - are nationally recognized. The Wall will allow the Upper Arlington community to continue with its winning ways and championship seasons,” said Upper Arlington Men’s High School Coach, Kyle Olson.

The legacy that the structure will provide excites UALA President, Dan Junk. “The Upper Arlington Lacrosse Association Board's hopes for The Wall are that kids of all ages will use it on their own time to improve their stick skills and that the middle schools and high school will be able to incorporate Wall Ball into their preparations for their spring seasons and for their off-season improvement,” said Junk. “It’s a first class structure and we’re really proud to bring it to our community.”

Upper Arlington lacrosse coaches Kyle Olson, Wendy Pinta, Dan Hendrickson, Brett Diehl and Ted Wolford all championed the project along with the Upper Arlington Lacrosse Association Board and the strong support of Chris Potts, Chief Operating Officer of the Upper Arlington School District. Additionally, the wall would not have been possible without the generous support of former Upper Arlington player, Lou Ruscilli of Ruscilli Construction who donated its time and costs as the project’s general contractor, and Bill Anderson of Anderson Concrete for donation of the time and materials for the cement.

Graphics for The Lax Wall are planned, and lighting may be added to the structure in the future. Dates for the ribbon cutting ceremony are in discussion.

Grab a stick and a ball and come share in the excitement and the legacy of Upper Arlington Lacrosse. The Wall is located at Hastings Middle School, behind the baseball field and outdoor basketball courts, 1850 Hastings Ln, Columbus, OH 43220.

About UALA

Founded in 1994, the Upper Arlington Lacrosse Association strives to provide and promote quality education and skill acquisition for all participants and spectators interested in and/or dedicated to the sport of lacrosse; To enhance the physical, social leadership and sportsmanship skills of the athletes, coaches, and spectators participating in lacrosse activities; To generally promote the sport of lacrosse and to assist in the development and organization of programs designed to educate the public in regard to the sport of lacrosse, and to encourage and increase participation in the sport of lacrosse and to introduce and develop a youth lacrosse program within the community.
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