Connecticut Based Karo Swimwear Launches New Line and Introduces Karo Kittens

Kasia, the well known swimwear designer featured in Sports Illustrated, introduces a new line of luxury swimwear at affordable prices through a new promotional model emphasizing the Karo Kittens.

Mahwah, NJ, August 13, 2018 --( Karo Swimwear is one Connecticut based business that is making news. They are growing in sales, distribution and now with the launch of the Karo Kittens will be hiring professional models who can double as manufacturers reps.

Karo Kittens will be trained by Brittany Toczko, Vice President of Brand Ambassadors and Ashlee Moore CEO of Fashion Buyers Network. A Karo Kitten will be trained as a Buyer and archive certifications in C.R.M. for Sales from Microsoft and also get certifications in Supply Chain Commerce.

Karo Kittens will represent Karo Swimwear at fashion weeks and industry events such as fund raisers around the country.

Kasia has made it known that she will be moving her manufacturing to the United States in order to take advantage of the many business opportunities available to her locally such as access to the fashion fund from Fashion Buyers Network which is available to the US based manufacturers. Also through Fashion buyers Network the Karo Swimwear will be available through their member distributors providing credit to distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Karo Swimwear is bringing work back to Connecticut through the fashion industry. You can also download her Look Book and start enjoying some of the best Swimwear in world and yes it is American made!
Fashion Buyers Network
Brittany Toczko
You can also go to to see previous year's collections.