Konnect Four Presents a 30-Minute Game Changer on Amazon

Announcing the newly released book titled "LockedIN: The Ultimate Interview Guide" by Konnect Four. The book provides key insights on interviewing and securing employment in some of the world's top branded companies. This essential guide has helped thousands of job seekers elevate their career.

Atlanta, GA, August 16, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Konnect Four presents "LockedIN: The Ultimate Interview Guide," has been rated #1 on Amazon and it’s only getting better. This interview guide provides key insight on some of the World’s top companies from a former HR Manager. Taking a look into the basics of interviewing, and going in-depth on behavioral techniques, this book is number one for a reason. Konnect Four, a consulting company based out of Atlanta, GA has been helping to enrich the poverty driven city, by providing resume and interview seminars across the metropolitan area. The writer behind "LockedIN: The Ultimate Interview Guide," has worked for companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Publix, POM Wonderful and Kraft, just to name a few. This short guide will turn just about anyone into an interview guru and elevate career status to a new level. With good reviews and good rankings, Konnect Four is innovating the ways we can accelerate our careers and beyond. Available on Amazon and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download the ebook for free.

Book Link: bit.ly/LockedINTheUltimateInterviewGuide

Business Link: www.KonnectFour.com
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