Communication Skills Education Center Offers Programs That Support Google’s "Top Employee" Study

Google's Project Oxygen study concluded that listening and communication skills are among the "most important qualities of their top employees." Communication Skills Education Center,, is a group of expert faculty who provide businesses and organizations with a range of programs to make them more effective listeners, speakers, writers and leaders.

Glen Cove, NY, August 25, 2018 --( - The One-Stop Shop Education Center offers individual and group programs that improve speaking, listening, writing, coaching and leadership skills.

Google’s Project Oxygen study concluded that “the most important qualities of their top employees” wasn’t STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), but coaching, listening and communicating.

Bob Lipp, who recently created Communication Skills Education Center,, wasn’t surprised.

While teaching public speaking and small group communication at The Ohio State University, he was asked to join a group of professors who were consulting at Procter & Gamble on effective presentation skills.

“This was before the Internet and before PowerPoint,” recalled Bob. “But it was well after successful businesses like P&G realized the importance of investing in programs that helped employees deliver an effective presentation, lead a small group, or communicate with colleagues and clients.”

Today, Communication Skills Education Center, which has grown quickly to five Senior Faculty members, all selected based on the success of their individual companies and the diversity of their skills, offers businesses a “one-stop shop” for a range of individual and group programs that include:

· Presentation and public speaking skills
· Networking skills
· Listening skills and building engagement
· Productive meeting skills
· Business writing skills
· Transformational leadership
· Assertiveness and mindset training
· Relationship building and women-focused programs

Programs are conducted on-site or off-site, in person or virtually (global presence).

“While all of our clients value the importance of being able to connect with their audience of one or one-hundred, they each have individuals needs and skill sets,” added Lipp. “That’s why before we engage a new client, we evaluate their requirements.”

Communication Skills Education Center faculty members have also been invited to speak, conduct panels, and lead workshops for a variety of organizations.

Like so many other businesses and organizations, including Google, they recognize that effective communication is the key to business productivity and success.

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