Smart Building Automation: LUFFT Launches New Compact Weather Sensor WS10

Gutenbergstr, Germany, August 31, 2018 --( Today the Fellbach sensor manufacturer Lufft announces the official launch of the WS10. The new all-in-one weather sensor is primarily used to monitor building automation, smart city and smart home applications as well as solar power systems. Thanks to its digital interfaces and an open protocol, the sensor can be easily installed. The integrated compass enables a direction-independent installation, making the sensor particularly suitable for building management systems.

How Does The THE LUFFT WS10 Work?

The smart WS10 sensor covers a total of ten measurement parameters simultaneously. The measurable parameters of the compact weather sensor are air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed and wind direction, precipitation type, precipitation intensity and rainfall, UV index, the position of the sun, brightness and twilight and global radiation.

- The integrated rain sensor measures the precipitation type, intensity, and quantity. It differentiates between rain, snow, sleet, ice storm and hail. The precipitation is recorded with an accuracy of 1 percent.

- The silicon pyranometer provides information on the global radiation, solar direction, brightness, the UVA/UVB index and the twilight. The radiation sensor has an accuracy of 10 percent.

- The temperature sensor has an accuracy of percent.

- The air pressure is measured with a distinction of a maximum of 0.5 hPa.

- The relative humidity is recorded with an accuracy of 5 percent.

- The wind direction is also recorded and the wind speed is measured accurately down to 1 m/s.

Another special feature of the WS10 is the Wi-Fi interface for easy and wireless integration into a network or control system. In addition, the sensor contains no moving parts, resulting in a maintenance-free operation.

The Difference to Other Weather Sensors

The WS10 has a wider range of measurement parameters compared to other sensors. Many different weather conditions can be determined with a single device. In addition, the handling of the WS10 was simplified and the measuring accuracy significantly improved. Easy data access is ensured via Config Tool.NET and Weather Underground. In addition, the "everything-measuring" is much cheaper than other weather sensors in the same category.

About G. Lufft Mess - Und Regeltechnik GmbH:

Since the founding of the company by Gotthilf Lufft in 1881, G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has been involved in the development and production of climatological measuring technology - true to the motto "tradition meets innovation. The innovative ability and precision of the company helped the Lufft products to a well-known worldwide reputation. They are used worldwide wherever air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental parameters need to be measured. Together with its subsidiaries in the US and China, the company currently has 105 employees. In November 2012, the publisher "Deutsche Standards" awarded G. Lufft GmbH the "Brand of the Century" with the prestigious German brand award. More information at:

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