Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co. Wins World’s Best Wood Aged Beer at World Beer Awards

The Rhode Island Brewstillery’s Barrel Aged Uprising Stout Ale prevailed over 12 other country winners.

South Kingstown, RI, September 06, 2018 --( Sons of Liberty’s Barrel Aged Uprising Stout Ale won the title of World’s Best Wood Aged Beer at the prestigious World Beer Awards in London. First recognized as USA’s Best Wood Aged Beer in Round 1, the beer then beat out all other country winners for the style in Round 2 for the World’s Best title. Sons of Liberty also received a Gold Medal for Golden Sour and a Silver Medal for 3 Not So Wise Men – both in the Sour Ale category.

“Just earning a Gold is awesome, but to be named the best in the world for something…that’s truly an honor,” Wil Santiago, Head Brewer, said of the results. “We’re especially proud of this beer because it’s unique to who we are and what we do.”

Sons of Liberty’s flagship whiskey, Uprising, is distilled from a house-brewed stout beer. The winning beer was that same stout aged in barrels that once aged the Uprising whiskey. A barrel aged beer taking on flavors from the whiskey that it was originally distilled into is not something one comes across often.

“Since 2011 we’ve been brewing beers and distilling them into whiskies,” explained Head Distiller Chris Guillette. “Over the last 18 months, we’ve focused on crafting multiple generations of products from one mash bill, similar to a chef’s nose-to-tail style of cooking, use everything you have.”

The team at Sons of Liberty has released 12 different iterations of their Uprising stout mash including six different barrel aged beers. “One of the benefits of being a distillery is the number of barrels we have at our disposal,” said Sons of Liberty owner Mike Reppucci. “We have a lot of fun and interesting beers sitting in barrels that we’re really looking forward to sharing with everyone.”

On September 20th, Sons of Liberty’s Barrel Aged Uprising Stout Ale has the chance to be named World’s Best Flavored Beer as it competes in Round 3 against six other World’s Best style winners within the Flavored category. Sons of Liberty has earned over 100 awards for their spirits and company since 2012, but are now gaining more traction with their beer offerings.

About World Beer Awards
The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best in all the international recognized styles, award and promote the world’s best beers to consumers and trade across the globe. The Taste categories are based upon the commonly held port groupings which define the style and process of beer production.

About Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co.
The Sons of Liberty ( believe that being American means taking a stand without compromise and fearlessly pursuing your dreams no matter what stands in your way. Sons of Liberty Spirits was founded to revolutionize and redefine American Spirits, and they are doing so using a beer into spirit methodology. Voted Craft Producer of 2017 by Whisky Magazine, Sons of Liberty challenges century old traditions by producing two American Single Malt Whiskies born from distinctly flavorful beers (UPRISING and BATTLE CRY) and the first-ever seasonal line of whiskies (Sons of Liberty Seasonals). The Sons of Liberty brewery and distillery is located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island and their products are distributed throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
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