Precycle Bringing Zero-Waste Organic Grocery Shopping to Brooklyn in the Fall of 2018

Precycle will open the first “Zero-Waste” shopping outlet in Brooklyn later this year, offering customers a way to reduce plastic consumption by offering food without packaging.

Brooklyn, NY, September 06, 2018 --( A new grocery store is all set to revolutionize grocery shopping in Brooklyn with its breakthrough eco-friendly organic shopping facility. Titled “Precycle,” the store is the first “Zero-Waste” shopping outlet in the northeast region of the United States, and will service those living in and near Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Located at 321 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237 Precycle is scheduled to open its doors in fall of 2018.

Precycle aims to address the growing problem of plastic pollution by empowering customers to reduce food and packaging waste by making different, yet still convenient, choices. More than simply bulk purchasing, the store will sell fresh local produce without packaging, while also working up in its own supply chain to dramatically reduce and in most cases eliminate plastic and other waste. Customers will have to bring their own containers to procure food from the store. If needed, Precycle will supply them its own reusable containers.

Born in Latvia in the era of Soviet Union where plastic packaging was rare, Katerina was in the habit of carrying containers while shopping. When she arrived in NYC where plastic was easily available, she like many others, took to easy disposal.

But gradually she started to realize the outputs that are borne from simple everyday choices. Slowly she started replacing disposable with reusable materials and became determined to find waste-free solutions. However, the main turning point came when her son came back from school one day and warned about how long plastic remains in the landfill. She knew she had to do something – and thus the concept of Precycle was born.

“For me, the change was gradual and there was no ‘lightbulb moment',” she explained, it was rather a phototropism.”

Today Katerina is a passionate follower of the eco-friendly “zero-waste” movement and she is on a mission to inspire the whole of Brooklyn to become proactive about waste-free shopping - for the benefit of the planet and the entire ecosystem, with the best way of reducing the impact of disposable plastic not from recycling it, but from not using it in the first place. And Katerina is on a mission to provide consumers with a convenient way of incorporating these shopping habits into Brooklyn consumers through her zero-waste grocery store.

“The demand for new plastic production is largely influenced by the constant use of plastic in our daily lives. So if consumers can be encouraged to make ‘no-plastic packages’ a regular choice, half of the battle is won. And this is what Precycle aspires to do.”
Precycle, LLC
Katerina Bogatireva