FundU-Growth Fund - the New Small Business Grant

FIND U FINANCE, a trading name of Channel Link Enterprises Finance PLC, has been put in charge of a new type of Government funding called the FundU-Growth Fund. The grant should lead to the expansion of existing companies and a growth in new startups.

London, United Kingdom, September 07, 2018 --( Channel Link Enterprises Finance PLC, trading as FIND U FINANCE, has been awarded as the governing body for a new type of Government funding, this choice was that of the Business Support Department.

The grant has been named the FundU-Growth Fund and has recently launched on a trial basis.

Directors Comments:

"FIND U FINANCE was developed by a team of financial advisers and now personally offer advice to the UK Government and the Business Support Department to develop new types of Government funding.

"All of FIND U FINANCE’s funding programs are tailor made specifically to ensure companies of all sizes can receive suitable finance and funding options.

"The new matched funding grant is currently available to companies of all sizes and startups.

"FIND U FINANCE are now taking applications and have seen a very high acceptance rate.

"We at Find U Finance feel it is nice that the Government is finally using tax payers money to help small businesses in these hard financial times.

"We and the Government hope that this grant will help thousands of companies across the UK.

"In turn this should boost employment and company growth, in turn helping the UK economy to recover.

"Our company FIND U FINANCE, Channel Link Enterprises Finance PLC has specifically been put in charge with the distribution of this new funding option.

"However we will be required to report all feedback and financial data to the Governments business support department.

"The grant trial will then be reviewed and could be rolled out on a much larger scale during 2019.

"Companies or startups that are interested are asked to contact FIND U FINANCE directly for advice and to see if you are suitable."
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