SpecMetrix® ACS Container Coating Measurement Systems Product Line Extended to Include Fully Automated Film Weight Measurement System

Award-winning SpecMetrix® ACS coating measurement systems now include the fully automated ACS-T34 System. This new product offering is a result of a recent partnership between Sensory Analytics and Versatile Technology on the development of a product line extension incorporating the exclusive SpecMetrix coating thickness and film weight measurement technology into Versatile’s industry-leading fully automatic gauging systems.

Greensboro, NC, September 17, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Fast-growing Sensory Analytics has continued its rapid pace of product line expansions with a fully automated and innovative means for can makers to measure all applied beverage and food container coatings with greater accuracy: The SpecMetrix ACS-T34 System.

To create the fully automated extension of its Metpack Gold Innovation award-winning SpecMetrix ACS systems, Sensory partnered with Versatile Technology of Australia to incorporate the SpecMetrix coating thickness and film weight measurement technology into Versatile’s industry-leading fully automatic gauging systems. As a result, the ACS-T34 Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge is now the most cutting-edge system available to can makers and unmatched by other gauges due to its level of automation, flexibility and range of use. The integration of the exclusive SpecMetrix "ruggedized optical interference" (ROI) technology enables the automatic gauge to accurately measure all internal and external coatings, including over-varnish layers over ink, for 202-300 body diameter beverage cans at any height without stopping or changeover.

Sensory’s ACS product offerings already include the semi-automated SpecMetrix ACS-1 and ACS-10 systems that provide plant teams with the flexibility to quickly and accurately measure single cans or 10-12 can batches in lab and plant QA environments. All SpecMetrix ACS systems offer a reliable and non-contact means to measure the absolute thickness of coatings, wet or dry, in real-time down to sub-micron levels. SpecMetrix systems are uniquely able to measure all applied can coatings including single or dual layers, rim coats, wash coats and compound coatings on food or beverage cans. Global can makers report immediate benefits from SpecMetrix ACS systems including improved process control, reduced waste and material costs, shorter changeover times and decreased customer issues. The unparalleled level of quantifiable and actionable data delivered by SpecMetrix systems helps to deliver demonstrable ROI within months, rather than years.

About Sensory Analytics:
Fast-growing Sensory Analytics supplies award-winning SpecMetrix® coating thickness and layer measurement systems to manufacturing and coating leaders within the metal, flexible packaging, aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical markets worldwide. All SpecMetrix offerings measure the absolute thickness of applied wet or dry coatings in real-time with nanometric precision during the coating process or to meet QA and R&D needs. For additional information, visit www.specmetrix.com.

About Versatile Technology:
Versatile Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of testing and measuring equipment for the packaging industry. The company’s gauges are designed and built on site in Melbourne by their highly skilled staff and 97% of all machines manufactured are currently shipped to valued customers in the USA, the Americas, Europe, Japan, China, the Middle East and Asia. As well as standard gauging offerings, Versatile technology can tailor products to suit your exact requirements. For additional information, visit www.versatiletechnology.com.au.
Sensory Analytics (SpecMetrix Systems)
Devon Edmonson