Different Locations, Same In Focus Brands' Best Practices Needed

In Focus Brands is on their 4th global deployment since June, negotiating their merger/buyout, raising capital for 5 clients and launching 2 white label buildouts in Europe and Asia and here are some key practices that apply anywhere.

New York, NY, September 17, 2018 --(PR.com)-- We know that retention is always a key focus of high functioning companies especially in the current U.S. job climate but should be the centerpiece of your culture no matter what the economy does.

Build your human resources vetting process around getting to know the person, not just the skillset. If you have the proper training and professional development system in place, any skill can be taught. The practice and personality aspects of great teams such as self-motivation, independent mindset, team focus can not.

Brent Martin, COO of In Focus Brands, explains: "Since joining In Focus Brands, I've seen firsthand why the 100% retention rate holds true in this company and throughout our portfolio. The culture is empowering, thought provoking, honest and focused on professional development. The dynamic of this people-first approach stands out from every firm I've worked with, let alone witnessed throughout my career."

Filtering is essential to any great team consistency and culture. Having clearly defined gates of entry based on your culture will save valuable time and money in the process and future headaches.

Training, even simple "ride-alongs," mentor matching and regular check-ins will develop and foster a higher performing culture and tighter internal community to your firm. This has to be reinforced by consistent communications between the different parts of your company.

Get out and meet your customers. Really listen to what they are saying and the words they are using. The words will help align your future messaging for higher impact and faster market decisions from your customer base and will attract other clients that easily match your workstyle. This market listening will also keep your company 'in the trenches' and responsive to changing market conditions with shorter pivot times.

Without training, market understanding and vetting mentioned above, scaling obviously will never happen effectively. Scaling of any operation is hard and always takes longer than expected but these best practice reminders will pave the way to building strong foundational systems for growth.

Kay Remson, EDA Fund & IFB Board Member states: "One of the first statements Bob (Manasier) every said to me was ‘business is people, and if you take care and develop your people, all else will work out.’ He was about 20 at the time and over 25 years later, I am still part of the family of companies and funding that make up the portfolio so, that says it all."

Jill Daye of In Focus Brands adds: "Our system is: analyze, strategize, deliver, strategize, deliver repeat. It is a crucial practice that keeps our firm and our client partners relevant and responsive to the marketplace. Building a culture of constant feedback and action from the feedback is critical."

In Focus Brands focus on creatively practical solutions - Ideas to Action; Action to Revenue. Their unique branded business model approach significantly enhances the potential opportunities and business development for clients around the globe and is responsible for over 140 launches across industries. The company integrates strategy, operational execution and funding by bringing deployable teams and resources to our clients’ present needs and structuring branded systems and staffs for the sustainable and successful future.
In Focus Brands
Jill Daye