New Book by Jim Stavis Shares the Power of Enduring, Hoping and Prevailing

California businessman Jim Stavis offers a message of hope in overcoming any adversity in his new book, released by Dog Ear Publishing. He relays his journey of surviving serious health issues and a triple organ transplant as well as the devastating loss of his business partner – showing what can be achieved even when hope is the only thing left to provide inspiration.

Calabasas, CA, October 01, 2018 --( When he was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes as a 17-year-old and told he’d probably not make it past his 50th birthday, Jim Stavis’ life was changed forever. Future issues would further compromise his health, but the businessman was determined to not only survive his issues but thrive. He offers lessons in overcoming adversity and keeping hope alive in his new book, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

“When Hope Is Your Only Option” details Stavis’ incredible story of surviving despite the odds. But this book is not a journal of his medical issues and personal challenges, including the death of his business partner. Instead, it serves as a reminder that everyone is tested eventually, and the proper motivation and hope can help someone to see a path for moving forward to get through whatever may come.

Whether it was beginning treatment for diabetes, surviving a heart attack that normally would have instantly killed him to learning he had congestive heart failure, the author was determined to make it through all of those challenges. One of the biggest was surviving the first triple organ transplant performed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, when he received a heart and a kidney. He received a pancreas a year later, all thanks to donors.

The book covers what Stavis describes as three stages of dealing with adversity. People must endure, facing the pain and suffering and focusing on moving through it. They must have hope, clinging to the faith and confidence they can overcome adversity. And people must prevail, moving past obstacles and considering how that process has changed their life and what lessons they have learned to share with others.

Kirkus Reviews calls the book “Honest, moving and an invaluable source of hope for those facing all manner of adversities.”

Stavis’ message has made an impression on the medical community as well. “This book is one that every person should read because it demonstrates triumph of spirit, hope and courage against all odds – what is possible when everything seems impossible,” wrote Stavis’ cardiologist, Dr. Prediman Shah. He is the Shapell and Webb chairman in clinical cardiology, director of Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center and director of the Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment Center.

“Stirring and filled with hope” is what Foreword Reviews writes. “Its hope is bright-eyed, enduring and confident, but also characterized by grit: Stavis shows himself to be a deeply determined man who counts the cost before he chooses hope.”

Stavis, who founded Paragon Steel in 1988 with a partner, lives in Calabasas, Calif., with his wife, Renee. They have three children. He shares his journey via a blog, Jim Stavis Speaks, at

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When Hope Is Your Only Option
Jim Stavis
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6192-4 194 pages $14.95 US

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