BirthdayPak Celebrates One Million Birthdays

BirthdayPak Gift Cards Help More Women Celebrate Their Birthdays.

Springfield, PA, October 01, 2018 --( As BirthdayPak expands into new markets nationwide, the amount of BirthdayPak mailers being sent correspondingly increases. Starting with the October 2018 campaign, BirthdayPak will reach the noteworthy milestone of celebrating One Million Happy Birthdays each year.

BirthdayPak has grown significantly from a single market in Springfield, PA to the current 36 markets across 21 states. Since its inception, BirthdayPak has delivered more than 4.2 million happy birthday greetings in the mail. This translates to nearly $338,000,000 in gift cards that have been sent to BirthdayPak recipients over the past 9 years. That’s a significant amount of birthday gifts.

The BirthdayPak marketing platform helps upscale businesses, such as restaurants, day spas and boutiques, reach their best potential customers. The beautifully printed and mailed “birthday gift” features as many as eight gift cards from this exclusive group of businesses in the immediate community. The women who receive BirthdayPak have discretionary income and are about to celebrate their birthday. A recent consumer Facebook post stated, “When my BirthdayPak arrives, it’s like a little bell that rings that tells me to begin celebrating my birthday.”

Over the past 9 years, BirthdayPak has sent millions of emails to recipients with high deliverability and open rates. This multi-channel platform keeps the BirthdayPak recipients engaged throughout the year. The BirthdayPak business model has a history of positive performance and extremely high client retention rates. The above average response rates, and additional branding opportunities through a digital experience, provide a winning combination.

BirthdayPak is expanding nationwide through franchising. If you, or someone you know, has an interest in learning more about this exciting business opportunity, please visit or call 888-206-0083.
DeAnna Lance