Tucson-Based "WatchUGot" Looks to Bring Challenges and Charities Together as One

WatchUGot is a fast growing startup that is looking to combine the fun of internet challenges, with the spirit of charitable giving.

Tucson, AZ, October 05, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Viral internet challenges are exploding in popularity. The Drake-inspired “In My Feelings” challenge is just another chapter in the long story of a visible internet trend.

Of course, internet challenges are not a new thing. For years they’ve persisted as videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube; some were even around during the days of MySpace. While some of these challenges tend to involve questionable antics, many can have very positive results on the community or the world as a whole.

Arguably, the most successful internet challenge ever was the 2014, “Ice Bucket Challenge” which sought to raise money for the study and treatment of ALS. Through this challenge, it’s estimated that YouTube videos of the challenges were viewed 1 billion times [1]. That may sound like a lot until you learn the Facebook video submissions had over 10 billion views themselves. The results were an estimated $220 Million raised for the cause as people posted their challenges across all video mediums on the internet.

However, while the success of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is undeniable, it didn’t come without a little bit of pain as well. Many people claimed that after they were challenged, they didn’t know where to donate the money to because the platforms they were being challenged on didn’t have any actual information on how and where to donate. Additionally, some participants noted that they had a hard time keeping up with what social media platform they were challenged on, and how and where to respond.

But what if there was one place to do both of these things? One social media app built specifically for internet challenges, that integrated with a payment system to link those challenges to the appropriate charities? This is where WatchUGot comes in.

WatchUGot is the world's first mobile application dedicated to hosting the medium required for internet challenges (pictures, videos, etc.), as well as facilitating all the transactions from user to charity.

Founded by two engineers dedicated to helping the world in a fun and innovative way, WatchUGot (or, WUG, for short) officially launched its Minimum Viable Product in July of 2018. The app is quickly establishing a loyal following as the founders look to expand their product into key markets such as university fraternities and sororities who can use the product to launch fun challenges to raise money for the charity of their choice. Additionally, the WUG team aims to create a product with a vast array of user-friendly features and functions including gamification and a blockchain-backed payment system to make it easier to make donation and in-app purchases.

While the team is still in the early stages and prepping for big growth and funding plans, the marriage of internet challenges and charitable donations all in one place seems like a no-brainer. WatchUGot is already available on both Google Play and Apple App store, and while there are still plenty of plans to grow, the founders won’t be shy in wanting consumers to show them WatchUGot.


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Brandon Gill