Introducing Marketing, Seriously, the Marketing Blog That Delivers Tell-It-Like-It-Is Advice to Modern Marketers Everywhere

Hartford, CT, October 04, 2018 --( A new marketing blog titled Marketing, Seriously at brings levity, humor, and non-filtered advice to modern marketers everywhere. The seasoned female marketers (who prefer to remain anonymous for now) behind it, do anything but hold back when it comes to sharing the latest tips and advice for marketers.

The blog is appropriate for anyone in marketing - from marketing-savvy professionals looking for a laugh and some empathy to get through the day – to new entrepreneurs learning to navigate the marketing world. From basic how-tos to in-depth articles on subjects such as marketing automation platforms and priority setting, Marketing, Seriously was created to validate and educate marketers in any industry.

“As marketers working in corporate settings, we spent much of our time biting our tongues and resisting the urge to say how we really feel. Not here. At Marketing, Seriously, we let it all out. We are teachers, mentors, confidants, resources and best of all, the marketing BFF you always wanted,” said one of the founders.

The articles are the perfect blend of knowledge and humor. They mix critical marketing know-how with laugh-out-loud, sarcastic commentary to ensure readers are entertained, as well as educated.

Marketers who are looking for a mid-morning laugh, guidance, or a specific digital marketing question can head to to get their fix. Marketers can also follow Marketing, Seriously on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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