33rd Street Bail Bonds Urges Parents to Monitor Their Kid’s Online Gaming

Orlando, Florida Bail Bonds Office Warns Parents.

Orlando, FL, October 05, 2018 --(PR.com)-- 33rd Street Bail Bonds located at 2480 33rd Street in Orlando, Florida strongly encourages parents to monitor their children’s online gaming activity. Games such as Fortnite and social sites like Snapchat, Instagram and a whole host of others are raising concerns among law enforcement officials. An increasingly amount of online predators are tapping into online gaming sites and luring children to meet.

Russ Pacala, owner of 33rd Street Bail Bonds stated “It’s pretty serious the problems these online games are causing. I encourage parents to check out my website and read my most recent blog that offers tips to parents for safe guarding their children from these online gaming predators. Child predators have always been around, but now with everything being online it just makes it that much easier for these sex offenders to connect with children. I urge parents to be a parent and pay attention to their child’s online activity.”

To read tips for safeguarding your children, parents can find more on Russ Pacala’s online blog located at: http://bailorlando.com/online-gaming-fortnite-should-you-be-concerned/

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers a variety of blog topics on their website located at http://www.bailorlando.com. Consumers are encouraged to visit their website online to read more. Readers will find helpful information from tips to staying safe at a festival to avoiding package thieves during holiday times.

Pacala stated, “We work with many defendants that are seeking bail for various charges including traffic violations, assault, battery, domestic violence, indecent exposure, drinking and driving, drugs, alcohol, driving with a suspended license, drug paraphernalia, theft and other charges. We do get calls from defendants wondering if we bail for this charge or that charge. The best thing I can recommend is that people call to get specifics. We offer the best in customer service, we call defendants to remind them of their court dates and we lend an empathetic ear. For many this is their fist time being arrested so we understand it can be a scary and a nerve-racking experience.”

33rd Street Bail Bonds is the oldest and most widely used bail bonds agency in Orlando, Florida. Many students from the University of Central Florida, Rollins College and Stetson University have relied on 33rd Street Bail Bonds as well. Pacala adds, “Over the years, we have bailed many college students from jail. Often times, criminal mischief happens and college students find themselves in handcuffs and sitting in the back of a police car. Athletes, fraternity and sorority students and club sport students have called on us over the years. We can help parents with bailing their student from jail. It can be very overwhelming for a parent especially if they do not live in Florida and our laws vary in some capacity. We will guide families through the court documents and proceedings so it’s a smooth process.”

33rd Street Bail Bonds is located at 2480 33rd Street in Orlando, Florida 32839 just minutes from the Orange County Jail. Defendants, their family members or their friends looking for fast bail are encouraged to call 33rd Street Bail Bonds at 407-425-7200 or 407-425-3303. Bail can also be paid for online when visiting http://www.bailorlando.com. 33rd Street Bail Bonds is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Their bail bonds are knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have.
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