BEST Advisor CE Survey Report (2017-2018)

BEST conducted both an online and written survey examining how financial advisors meet their CE.

New Port Richey, FL, October 07, 2018 --( From November 1, 2017 through July 1, 2018, Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc. (BEST) conducted both an online and written survey examining how financial advisors meet their continuing education (CE) requirements.

The objective of the survey was to understand:

- Which method of CE advisors prefer.
- The importance for wholesalers to provide value-added CE programs.
- The likelihood of advisors attending a wholesaler meeting when CE is offered.
- The willingness of advisors to meet with a wholesaler after he/she has provided a CE program.

BEST’s report highlights findings from their survey, which can be viewed in the Appendix found at the end of the report.

As shown within the survey, twenty-five percent of financial service companies not providing continuing education programs and the limited credit-hours provided with other programs, there is a great opportunity for wholesalers to fill the gap.

BEST’s comprehensive Super CE programs help advisors meet nearly all of their mandatory continuing education requirements, provide timely educational subject matter and help wholesalers get in front of advisors. But also and more importantly, it might just distinguish it as an advisor’s company of choice. View survey report at:

Please contact BEST’s Senior Business Development Specialist to learn more about BEST’s Super CE programs and how to integrate them into your organization’s professional development efforts at: 1-800-345-5669 OR email For more information about our Super CE programs, visit

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