Dunbar Security Products, Inc. - Stronger Than Ever

After enduring the turbulent waters of Brink's acquisition of Dunbar Armored, Inc., Dunbar Security Products has emerged stronger than ever.

Baltimore, MD, October 11, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The 2018 Brink's acquisition of Dunbar Armored, Inc. only included the armored car and cash vault portions of their business. Little known fact to most of the business world.

One of the business units not part of the acquisition was Dunbar Security Products. Which is now set up to run completely independent. It has now emerged stronger than ever and ready to continue to grow.

If your business would like a quote on any of your Banking, Cash Management or Security product needs, please call DSP at 1-800-766-9145. or visit them at dunbarsecurityproducts.com

They specialize in Bank Deposit Bags, Deposit Tickets, Safes, Counterfeit Detection and all money handling/ counting supplies.
Dunbar Security Products, Inc.
Dustin Gosewisch