Nancyclotep is Positioning Itself to Become the Reference Center for Vectorized Internal Radiotherapy in the Greater East Region

Nancy, France, October 12, 2018 --( Nancyclotep, a provider of solutions for the transfer of radiopharmaceuticals to the clinical setting, has announced its intention to become the reference center for Vectorized Internal Radiotherapy for the Greater East region, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Nancy and the support of the Regional Health Agency. A substantive investment will allow a significant increase in the number of shielded-rooms for patients in the short term, in conjunction with the presence of a medical team with broad and extensive expertise. In addition, a high-quality imaging fleet and the forthcoming approval for the handling of new radioelements (beta and alpha emitters) will enable the recruitment of patients eligible for clinical studies involving innovative radiotherapeuticals.

Nancyclotep's chairman, Prof. Gilles Karcher declares, "With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and extensive local hospital environment, Nancyclotep endeavors to play a leading role in radiotheranostics. To achieve this, Nancyclotep is entering a growth process with significant investments in the short and medium term with the aim of being among the top three Vectorized Internal Radiotherapy centers in France."

Nancyclotep's management and production teams will be present at the EANM Nuclear Medicine congress in Düsseldorf from October 14 to 17, 2018, to meet their future partners.

About Nancyclotep
Founded in 2007, Nancyclotep develops and offers solutions ranging from R&D to clinical studies and production, enabling to meet the needs for the transfer of radiopharmaceuticals to the clinical setting. Nancyclotep is a public-private Economic Interest Grouping (EIG), located on the site of the University Hospital of Nancy (France) and employs 18 people.

Nancyclotep features state-of-the-art facilities with a radiochemistry and radiopharmacy laboratory, a platform for preclinical studies, an industrial production laboratory, 3 PET-scans, an e-learning laboratory offering innovative solutions and a hospital environment allowing immediate access to medical skills and patients for technological applications for clinical use.

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