CrowdReviews Partnered with Pulsus to Announce: Arthroplasty 2019

Enlightening leading research on Arthroplasty & Orthopedics.

Naples, FL, October 19, 2018 --( Pulsus Group will host the 12th International Conference on Arthroplasty, the Conference that discusses the leading research on Arthroplasty & Orthopedics treatments along with their rehabilitation techniques.

Arthroplasty 2019 is slated for June 24-25, 2019 at Rome, Italy. The event will include meetings with Editorial Board Members and other experts in Orthopedics, Arthroplasty & its related fields across the world. The Arthroplasty conference scientific program paves a way to gather the latest information through research talks and presentations and will offer thought provoking strategies in Arthroplasty.

The scientific program will focus on current advances in research and leading strategies in techniques. The conference highlights are: Arthroplasty, Dimensions of Arthroplasty, Fracture and its Classifications, Complication of Fractures, Rehabilitation of Fractures, Injury to Joints, Radial Head Arthroplasty, Paediatric Orthopedics, Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, Total Elbow Arthroplasty, Forearm and Wrist Arthroplasty, CMC Joint Arthroplasty, Biomaterials in Arthroplasty and more.

In addition, attendees will enjoy special events and lecturers featuring specialists and top scholars. It is a perfect platform for Orthopedics educators, practitioners and researchers to exchange & share their experiences and research findings about all aspects of Orthopedics and Arthroplasty techniques.

Arthroplasty 2019 is an International gathering that unites all the innovators in the field of Arthroplasty to experience the advancements in the research and development of the Orthopedics. It is the platform for scholars, researchers, scientist, organizations and industries to exhibit the recent advancements in diagnosis, treatment and postoperative managements of Arthroplasty. The event comprises the various aspects of arthroplasty with discussion on causes and types of Arthroplasty with their Rehabilitation methods. The new emerging prosthesis with applied technologies of Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Ayurveda and Tissue engineering in Orthopedics are comprised in the conference.

Arthroplasty 2019 discusses and focuses on the recent technologies in
- Robotic Joint Replacement
- Posterior Meniscal Root avulsion
- Graft option and preparation
- Tunnel placement and drilling
- Graft fixation options and more

This conference provides scope and experience for all eminent participants to grab the advancements in the field of Arthroplasty and to expose their research work across the global network and expose an international gathering on life science and Surgery.

Conference Highlights:
- 100+ Participation (70 Industry: 30 Academia)
- 5+ Keynote Speakers
- 50+ Plenary Speakers
- 20+ Exhibitors
- 14 Innovative Educational Sessions
- 5+ Workshops
- B2B Meetings

Conference also offers Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunity for the interested organizations.

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