Truly-Life Celebrates 10 Years in Business, Small Business Grows Slow and Steady

Alexandria, VA, October 26, 2018 --( Ask the owner, Mellenie Runion of Truly-Life when the business started, she’ll laugh and tell you in the middle of an economic free fall, October 31, 2008. What started out as a simple party favor for the family dog Max’s birthday party became an instant small business at Truly-Life.

Runion started making changes around her home to live eco-friendlier in 2008. By the end of October, the small business was born as a part-time side project. In 2010, she took a chance and made the fledgling business her full-time job. Over the years, other small businesses have rapidly expanded into large store fronts, hired teams of people, and had a flurry of press coverage. “When other small businesses are booming, it can make you question what you’re doing wrong,” said Runion. “There are days when I could really use a team of people to complete the daily orders, but during the first quarter of each year that’s certainly not the case. I’m constantly evaluating my financial position, because I can’t afford to make a mistake. Spending 20 years working tirelessly for someone else has made one thing clear, I never want to be dependent on someone else again.”

Partner Andy is a large part of the garden operations and product testing. Interns have assisted at markets and a dedicated contractor represents Truly-Life at area Whole Foods stores. Over the years Truly-Life has teamed with other businesses to utilize spent materials such as wine pomace from Monroe Bay Winery, coffee grounds and burlap bags from M.E. Swing, and small boxes for shipping from Andy’s corporate office. “It’s been 10 years and Truly-Life is still standing,” said Runion. “I’ll take the slow growth, quality product, and customer respect. The goal was never to make a million, just to make a living.”

“Truly-Life is wonderful to have in the Alexandria area. Mellenie’s natural and organic soap, lip balm, and bath fizz, just to name a few of her products, are amazing. And they make the perfect little gifts. I am really pleased that Mellenie cares about our environment and ensures the products are safe for us. Happy Anniversary, Mellenie!” - Mara Benner, Owner of Four Directions Wellness

“This is a company that distributes through farmers markets, retail stores and the internet. For ten years they have been making natural products, many of the ingredients grown on a small parcel of land in Del Ray, a community in Alexandria, VA. In the making and distribution of the Truly-Life items one thing has been consistent, the desire to not impact the home we call Earth, care is even given to how these products are packaged. I love what they sell for myself and for special gifts, and I applaud the now ten-year long vision to make a difference one soap, or maybe one lip balm, at a time!” - Virginia Kinneman, Owner of Kinneman Insurance

About Truly-Life
Since 2008, Truly-Life continues to expand the line of Virginia handmade, eco-friendly skincare gifts made from organic and natural materials. These thoughtful gifts are mindful of the planet and free of plastic. All items at Truly-Life are packaged in biodegradable containers that can be composted. From start to finish, the company is redefining their impact on the environment, including bicycle delivery for neighborhood orders. Handmade in Alexandria, VA. Make contact for a product sample.
Mellenie Runion