Sonarcloud and Genesis BCS Team Up to Provide the Only Edutech Announcement Solution from Any Device, Anywhere to PA Systems and Smart Display Boards

The strategic partnership covers a broad spectrum of the Texas market to allow administrators to securely make, schedule and customize announcements, bells, transitions, lockdowns / drills to PA systems, SMS subscribers and multiple or specific smart displays from any mobile device, tablet or laptop anywhere else in the world.

New York, NY, October 12, 2018 --( Sonarcloud and Genesis BCS today launched a strategic partnership to expand the market for Sonarcloud into the Houston, TX metro area, extending services through Texas.

Sonarcloud is a secure communications product that enables customized announcements, bells, lockdowns and more from any device in any location via their “Sonarcloud Mobile” app for iOS or Android to PA systems, phone / VoIP systems, SMS subscribers and smart displays across a given location. Sonarcloud Connect, it’s smart board product empowers educational organizations to accelerate communications directly and specifically, deliver a timely, versatile mobile option to announcements in contrast to a static microphone or deskphone, reduces costs versus industry PA systems and manages the risk associated with dangerous incidents on-site.

“This partnership allows us to match Sonarcloud’s products, unique to anything else on the market with our broad customer base and 34 years of experience in the Houston market and Texas as experts in PA systems, phone technologies and telecommunications solutions,” states Debra Schindler, CEO of Genesis BCS.

Sonarcloud’s momentum and associated moniker as “the Uber of School Communications” is attributed to their initial core product, Sonarcloud Announce, a patent pending device that allows administrators to make, schedule and customize announcements, bells/uploaded songs, transitions, lockdowns / drills to PA or VOIP phone systems of practically any age or condition from an app on any mobile device, tablet or laptop anywhere else in the world. Demand grew quickly in their local NYC DOE market where PA systems can cost upwards of $1 million for a new install or $50k for an upgrade and take an indeterminate timeframe to receive the service onsite. Announce is literally a fraction of the cost, mostly revenue expenditure vs capital expenditure for the EDU market. The second product, added per demand was Sonarcloud Reach, which allows all of the same communications from the platform to be sent to SMS subscribers as well, along with real-time in-app translation and roster syncing.

“We were lucky enough to begin our relationship with Genesis BCS by working with a common customer that was excited to extend the value and versatility of their PA system by installing our Announce product,” says Sonarcloud Co-Founder Jesse Baptiste. “Everything went so beautifully and the customer was so pleased that it only made sense to entertain an organization like Genesis BCS with their reputation and history in Texas for telecommunications and related solutions. We have immense confidence in their representing us as an extension of our New York operations.”

Sonarcloud’s products are available immediately through Genesis BCS in the Greater Houston area and Texas.

About Sonarcloud
Sonarcloud offers the only edutech communications platform that allows announcements and more from any device, anywhere in the world to PA/phone/VoIP systems, SMS subscribers and/or smart display devices. Sonarcloud enables educational organizations to deliver secure, timely information from an administrator anywhere to their students across their influence.

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About Genesis BCS
Genesis BCS is a 34-year-old Houston based communications technology solution provider with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. They provide the right combination of services and products to enhance organization’s productivity and profit.

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