GoalFriends to Launch for Student Veterans at Wake Tech Community College

Wake Tech Community College has received funding to launch GoalFriends at the North campus.

Raleigh, NC, October 17, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Wake Tech Community College has received funding to launch a GoalFriends group for its female student veterans. Marilyn Terrill, Dean of Veterans Programs and Innovations at Wake Tech, hopes the GoalFriends personal development program will strengthen the community among female student veterans. She indicates this can be difficult since students are not at Wake Tech very long and because many women don’t declare themselves as veterans.

Army Veteran and GoalFriends member since 2017, Kathleen Volandt was on hand at this month’s Student Veterans Association (SVA) meeting at North campus. She shares about GoalFriends, “I have not encountered this kind of camaraderie since I served in the Army!” Volandt continues, “GoalFriends is the missing element for success for veterans because it’s a strong support group who are unwaveringly positive and unconditionally believe in you, as well as keep you driven.”

Wake Tech’s Marilyn Terrill indicates funding has been provided to launch at least one GoalFriends group at this time. However, because she sees the GoalFriends program as so beneficial, she plans to invite GoalFriends again next month. Her goal is to host a larger event so more veterans and their families can be in attendance to learn about GoalFriends’ personal development program.

GoalFriends, which launched in 2010, is a global personal development program that is designed for women who want more out of their lives. Through the use of a step-by-step, goal-setting workbook, groups of like-minded women meet monthly to gain clarity on what they want their life to look like. Each self-facilitated group of between 6-12 women serves as a mini-mastermind or personal "think tank"​ for new ideas and opportunities. Women share their brilliance by inspiring and mentoring each other through the program. GoalFriends encourages women to connect authentically in an open, safe environment. It is the transformative tribe women have been waiting for.

GoalFriends HQ is in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, please visit www.goalfriends.com.
Jeanie Chang