Introducing the Mattify Mask Bar: Customizable Face Masks for Oily Skin and Acne

We've all seen DIY face mask tutorials. Women desperate to get rid of oily skin and acne make masks with odd ingredients such as avocado, egg, and Greek yogurt - then apply the mixture to their faces. The Mattify Mask Bar allows you to create your very own customized face mask that targets specific skin conditions - without having to raid your refrigerator. You simply select the ingredients, and we do the mixing. Mattify products are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and most are vegan.

Reno, NV, October 20, 2018 --( Mattify Cosmetics offers those with oily skin and acne a new way to shop for face masks, Customers can select a mask base, then choose from a blend of over 30 Liquid Extracts, Plant Powders, and Essential Oils to target their specific skincare needs. The Mattify team combines these nutritive natural ingredients into a high speed blender, whipping up a silky face mask blend that was created just for you.

Mattify has also created 4 pre-made masks, designed to target common skin problems such as redness, puffiness, acne, clogged pores, and sluggish cell turnover. These 100% natural masks are made in small-batch format to maintain freshness. They include:

Enzyme Gel Mask – When older skin cells accumulate over pores, they bind together forming a trap that allows bacteria to flourish inside. This exfoliating enzyme mask gently dissolves these dead skin cells, to unclog pores, improve circulation, and encourage cell turnover. The result is a glowing complexion that’s resistant to acne breakouts.

Glacial Cooling Mask - Inflammation from clogged pores and breakouts can trigger redness and swelling. The soothing ingredients in this gel mask get to work drawing impurities and excess fluid, to reduce puffiness, and quell redness.

The Purge (Detox Mask) – Oily skin is often so congested with excess sebum that breakouts develop deep within the epidermis, triggering cystic acne. This blend of clays and essential oils will vacuum away impurities, preventing this severe congestion and detoxifying pores.

Bee Soothed (Reparative Mask) – Skin affected by breakouts normally suffers from redness, oiliness, scarring, and overall irritation. This mask is designed to gently accelerate the healing of existing breakouts, without causing dryness, scarring or peeling.

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Company Bio: Mattify Cosmetics was founded in 2009 by natural beauty enthusiast Colleen Lindstrom – a seeker of solutions for oily skin and acne prone skin. After personally discovering the lack of effective natural products with this aim, she began to design her own – starting with Mattify Original Powder. When this matte transparent face powder gained so many sales in its first month on eBay, Colleen set her sights on creating an entire line of products that would be just as effective for those suffering from oily skin problems.

Since 2009, Colleen has developed a line of 100% natural skincare and makeup designed to balance oily skin, prevent clogged pores, and promote faster healing of breakouts. Her creations are cruelty-free, most are vegan, and none contain simple “filler” ingredients that don’t contribute to the overall quality of the product. In keeping with high ethical standards, Colleen enjoys the fact that her products are accessible to people from all walks of life. "High quality does not have to equal high cost. I enjoy contributing to the beauty industry with an array of reasonably priced products that allow people to shine with beauty, not with oil!"
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