All On Block Blockchain Platform is Increasing Efficiency in Pharma Supply Chain Operations

Palo Alto, CA, October 29, 2018 --( In the world of Blockchain, the much-hyped startup, All On Block just announced the launch of its unique and configurable application development platform that simplifies building blockchain-based applications for non-blockchain developers.

AOB platform is built on top of the industry leading blockchain framework Hyperledger Fabric. It is designed to increase efficiency of any supply-chain through increased trust, transparency and traceability. The platform’s architecture has been carefully designed to account for variations in supply-chain structures across multiple industries and companies. This highly secure platform will completely transform the way supply-chain operations are managed across industries.

The first industry to get the taste of this blockchain platform is Stem Cells with the company’s revolutionary product called Stem Cell on Block (SCOB), to manage this complex supply-chain on blockchain. Within a month of its launch, SCOB is currently being used by a large number of stem cell supply-chain participants i.e. stem cell manufacturers, distributors and doctors. Most notable is world renowned Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, Jack Zamora M.D., who is the inventor of J-Plazty, the subdermal use of plasma energy for skin tightening, and of Limitless M.D., the world's first cosmetic mesenchymal stem cell serum. According to Dr. Zamora, using SCOB gives him the confidence that manufacturers, distributors, and physicians can track these validated cryopreserved stem cells for use on their clients and sharing all of the information that is pertinent while respecting privacy concerns. "It’s comforting knowing that I can trace the stem cells that I am using after skin resurfacing treatments, for example, all the way back to the umbilical cord origin. But, moreover, it is phenomenal to know that for physicians, SCOB delivers a secure platform to share our treatment protocols to more efficiently and effectively develop the best standards of care in this developing field."

Stem Cell Supply-Chain

Stem cells are biological cells that can evolve into other types of cells and can divide to produce more of the same type of cells. The ability of stem cells to change into any type of cells makes them highly essential and indispensable in pharmaceutical industry. Stem cells originate from donor tissues and finally get administered to patients. During this process, they pass through multiple stakeholders.

Currently, the journey of stem cells from a donor to a patient has several roadblocks due to existence of multiple business partners with disparate technology systems. Stemcell On Block removes those roadblocks. While the blockchain creates trust between multiple business partners; the patients & physicians benefit from increased transparency where they can see all the tests that were performed during the manufacturing and shipping process.

AllOnBlock’s approach to Stem Cell Supply-Chain

SCOB provides each of the stakeholders a mobile/web app to perform a full-set of actions that are deemed necessary to maintain full trust in the supply-chain. These actions and the associated data are immutably stored in a blockchain infrastructure. Since each stakeholder is directly connected to this blockchain, no manual data-sharing is required, and each stakeholder has full transparency. This significantly increases everyone’s efficiency by eliminating the manual effort of syncing data across systems. All this data can be monitored and audited by various regulatory authorities, something which is of paramount importance in the Pharma world.

With traceability as one of the core principles, SCOB has been modeled to record and securely store each change in the state of any asset from the beginning. At each stage, the asset state is associated with the person operating on it as well as all other assets connected to it, thereby providing complete lifecycle view. For example, when a doctor administers a Stem Cell vial to a patient, there is a possibility of some adverse effect happening on the patient. In any existing digital medical system, this adverse effect will be noted and recorded somewhere. But what’s required is not only this adverse effect be recorded, but also linked in real time, to all the vials in the corresponding batch so other doctors administering a vial from same batch gets that warning. SCOB platform handles cases like these out of the box.

Artificial Intelligence meets Blockchain

As this data gets securely and immutably stored on Blockchain, it can be mined for pattern recognition and predictions. AOB’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform seamlessly integrates with AOB Blockchain Platform and performs 24/7 monitoring while mining Blockchain data. This further is seamlessly integrated with the AOB mobile/web apps to have all this power available at the fingertips for clients and users.

Combining Blockchain and AI, AllOnBlock is on a mission to transform businesses by empowering them with the next-generation technologies.

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