14% of British Public Believe That the Biblical Apocalypse is Already Underway, According to Survey by UK Researchers Novorda

New Opinion Poll on Fringe Beliefs Also Reveals 11% of Brits Believe the World is Flat, While More than 1 in 5 are Convinced the Moon Landings Were Faked.

London, United Kingdom, October 29, 2018 --(PR.com)-- A new survey reveals the extent to which the UK's general public agree or disagree with a number of prominent conspiracy theories and alt-beliefs.

The survey, by British researchers Novorda, was carried out in early October using a representative cross sample of everyday people from all parts of the UK, and highlights the extent to which fringe beliefs are subscribed to by the public at large.

The survey looked at subjects ranging from government cover-ups through to end-times narratives, while taking in general staples of conspiracy lore such as flat earth.

The key findings, according to Novorda CEO Dr. Douglas Watson, support the assertion that such beliefs are gaining traction in a post-truth world.

"While some of these beliefs have always been around, they have generally attracted comparatively low levels of support on a public level. That appears to be changing. It has been said in recent years that we are now living a post-truth society in the West. These survey findings corroborate that view, and demonstrate that such alt-beliefs as flat earth, for example, are becoming less 'alt' - they are migrating from the fringe to the mainstream, even as the mainstream narratives themselves come under increasing criticism in what is becoming a more cynical and less deferential age," said Dr. Watson, speaking as Novorda launched a document summarising the key findings of the poll.

The survey reveals that 14% of Brits believe that a biblical apocalypse along the lines of that spoken of in the Book of Revelation is already underway.

It also shows that more than 1 in 5 of people in the UK believe that the 1969 NASA moon landings were in fact a fake, and that 11% of people believe the world is flat.

Other insights include:

- 14% of people believe in so-called "Chemtrails" - convinced that aircraft are seeding the atmosphere with toxins to control behaviour
- 17% of those surveyed believe that evidence of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life is being covered up by the government
- 20% of people in the UK believe the world is run by a shadowy secret elite clique or cult

The document summarising the findings of the Survey is available on request from Novorda

Novorda is a multi-sector research consultancy based in the UK.
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