Bridgestone Partners Launches New Dynamic Trading Account

Tokyo, Japan, December 03, 2018 --( Bridgestone Partners today announce the global roll-out of it’s new "Dynamic Trading Account," developed with investors in mind, The Dynamic Trading Account is transparent, secure, and easy-to-use. Available to all clients over the age of 25, investors can deposit profits generated from their investment portfolio into a flexible and accessible bond account providing a monthly interest rate of 0.75%, rising to 1.25% for accounts of more than $100,000 USD. Clients can withdraw money from this bond account to fund new investments as many times as they like, with no fees or charges. Upon selling an investment, they can deposit funds back into the bond account, with no charge, safe in the knowledge that when the next opportunity comes along, they have readily accessible funds with which to invest.

Speaking about the account, David Constable, Head of Retail Clients Division said: “We’ve spoken at length to clients and prospects around the world and there is a real disillusionment about investing – while many of us are diligently trying to provide for our families’ financial futures, some do not even have a savings account, with low interest rates and complexity to blame.

“By providing a flexible and dynamic trading approach, this new system will allow our clients to be able to take advantage of opportunities at short notice, without having to wait for funds from other external accounts to clear before they can move on something.”

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Bridgestone Partners is a leader in providing financial advisory, modelling and coaching services to the global infrastructure market. We are one of the few companies who can blend market leading expertise with thorough knowledge of our chosen sectors and uniquely, we are capable of delivering globally, as one team.

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