The Sticky Pig is Back After a 4-Year Hiatus

Los Angeles, CA, December 09, 2018 --( The Sticky Pig is the online bacon confection company who invented the first ever “bacon filled” chocolate candy back in 2009 and has returned after a 4-year hiatus.

Pilates instructor turned bacon confectionary artist, Tara Simon, known as “The Bacon Vixen,” created The Sticky Pig’s candies while experimenting with sweet and bacon combinations in her home kitchen. As co-owner Tara explains, “The saltiness and texture of the bacon just pairs so well with a variety of sweet flavors. The possibilities are endless!”

After catching the attention of the Food Network, ABC’s "The Chew," and even Costco, Tara decided after 5 years of working solo to put The Sticky Pig on hold to pursue her passion for photography. Four years later she met sales extraordinaire Chris Hernandez, who inspired Tara to bring The Sticky Pig back. Together they have joined forces to bring her beloved bacon treats back to her fans and beyond.

All of The Sticky Pig’s treats are created in-house from Tara’s unique recipes. She is always conjuring up new and exciting flavor combinations. In addition to her Signature Six flavors, which are available all year round, she creates special batch monthly flavors that are only available during a specific month.

The Sticky Pig is currently a mail-order online store that ships throughout the U.S., as well as hand delivers within Los Angeles County and Orange County, California. Available in 12-piece sets of either an assortment or single flavor. The Signature Six flavors are ROGUE: Salted Caramel, PRESLEY: Peanut Butter Banana, MARILYN: PB&J, STORM: S’mores, ANNABELLE: Caramel Apple, and PENNY: Nutter Butter flavor. Some of the specialty monthly flavors include spumoni, coffee & doughnuts, cookie dough, carrot cake, and gingerbread cookie butter. All candies are named after women, some personally known, some famous and some Superheroes.

For interviews, additional information and/or samples, contact Tara Simon at 949-922-1267 or
The Sticky Pig
Tara Simon