Are Owners Ready for a Seismic Wealth Transfer?

Business Enterprise Institute surveys business owners about their business-exit readiness.

Denver, CO, December 13, 2018 --( The single largest wealth transfer is on the horizon, and Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) wants to know whether business owners are prepared for it.

According to Lori Shepherd, the founder of 25SecondPR, only 20 percent of businesses listed for sale ever sell, and only 15 percent of privately owned companies pass to a second generation. With Accenture projecting that baby boomers will transfer as much as $30 trillion to the next generation in the coming years, business owners may want to know how and whether they can complete a successful ownership transfer.

To help answer this question, BEI is sending business owners a 10-question survey asking about themselves, their businesses and what they’ve done to prepare for their eventual business exits. BEI will use survey responses to create a report that uncovers what owners are thinking and doing about their exits. BEI anticipates that this report will help business advisors and owners understand what they can expect and what they must do to create ownership-transfer plans. The survey can be found by going to

“It’s interesting that over the years that we’ve been conducting this survey, certain responses from business owners are fairly consistent from one survey to the next, while other areas show the evolution in priorities or awareness that business owners demonstrate,” said Elizabeth Mower, president of BEI. “BEI uses these trends to deliver tools that professional advisors use to support their business clients through these ever-changing situations.

BEI will release its report 90 days after its survey closes. The survey closes on December 31, 2018.

BEI trains and supports business advisors to be the preeminent Exit Planning resource for business owners in their communities.

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